Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon: ” I Get Out of All Your Boxes”


” We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or to other people’s models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.”
-Shakti Gawain

When the combination of the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo is contained in a birth chart, a quest toward a sense of personal authenticity coupled with the need to creatively express one’s true individuality, and receive validation for their essential identity, emerge as major themes.

All of us have a niche, or a thumbscrew. An ability or talent which we can cultivate within ourselves and excel at like no one in this entire world. After these gifts have been strengthened and refined internally, there comes a stage when it’s time to share them with the outside world for our own benefit as well as that of the masses.

If we’re not connected to our Sun sign, our vitality suffersIn our birth chart, the Sun symbolizes our life force and our gravitational center. If the light isn’t being used, the all of the other planets within the chart hold the possibility of remaining obscure and in the dark.

The Sun’s symbol is a simple, yet exceedingly profound one. A circle with a dot in the center. The circle illustrates the vast, infinite quality of the universe and the dot symbolizes the place that we carve out for ourselves in the cosmos. The specifics are up to us.

Our life energy and what fuels us are represented by the Sun.Ultimately, if we’re going to legitimately share our light with the world, we must be true to our Sun sign.

The Sun in Aquarius suggests that the type fuel needed to assist your engine in running at maximum capacity consists of having the freedom to “pour out water” which contains a revolutionary, reformist energy.

Change and new ideas are the stimulus which activate your being. Embracing and developing your uniqueness and living on your own terms without feeling that there’s always some “authority” in the midst to whom you must conform keeps your juices flowing. If there’s a trend or standard, it’s going to be set by YOU.

Enter the Moon.

The Moon doesn’t possess it’s own light, rather it’s a reflection of the Sun. This applies both astronomically as well as symbolically.

The Moon in Leo borrows the Aquarian Sun’s light and energy in order to create a personality form. The lunar needs are then expressed through the individual.

What nourishes a Leo Moon?  Recognition and validation of the unique self. Honor, praise
and acceptance of the person they’ve become. Royalty dwells within the spirit of the Moon in Leo and in order to be fulfilled, they require this acknowledgement on some level.

One of the keys to integrating this combination is to artfully maintain and preserve that genuine place within your heart where you store your uniqueness, while simultaneously offering it as a gift to free humanity from it’s self-imposed limits. THAT’s a win-win.

Your theme song is : “I Get Out” by Lauryn Hill

You can listen here:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

12 thoughts on “Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon: ” I Get Out of All Your Boxes”

  1. I love your write up of Aquarius. It is a reminder to continue to flow like the water we want to be able to share. To find our personal gift and light… the importance of being able to share that with the world. That the water might be our revolutionary spirits.. does quench my need to understand.. for this moment.. in total peace!

  2. Great article….can we get an interpretation for Aquarius Sun, Aries moon. Thanks in advance. Your blog is awesome and has been very helpful. I continue to pass on the site to others.

  3. This has given me such great insight to the information that you have given me to develop a much deeper understanding of my personality and tetendencies. Im officially a follower to your website. Thank u very much for this article. Keep up the good work sir.

  4. Are you taking submissions for sun/moon/rising posts? If not that’s cool but if you are would you be willing to do Aquarius sun, Leo moon, Libra rising?

  5. its so true , I always feel that I struggle a lot and I was afraid to share my opinions , but now I found a friend who helped me to view my bewildering view’s as a gift , and she told me to embrace it and just let it flow .. , btw I read your blog before but I didn’t get it , but now I do 🙂

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