Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon : “The Best Secret”


In a birth chart, when the Sun and Moon are located in the same sign, the core needs of the personality reflect an energy similar to what stimulates the individuals life force.

We usually call people who possess this combination “doubles”.

In your birth chart, If the Sun and Moon are both located in Scorpio , you’re a double Scorpio.

This Scorpio Sun-Moon blend suggests that this person’s fuel consists of exercising self-control and depth relations with others through knowledge and information, using it as a weapon both to capitalize on and maximize life situations, as well as to avoid being taken advantage of.

There’s an amazing quality of self-protection insinuated by this Sun-Moon combination.

In addition, the desire to know others at their deepest levels, solving life’s mysteries, and unearthing what’s hidden below the surface, no matter how unpleasant it may be, is highly pronounced.

The main motives? Transformation of self and others.

The Scorpio Moon reflects a personality who needs to be significant and penetrativethereby having an emotional effect on others. Like the Scorpion’s sting, the lunar Scorpio strives to release it’s psychological potency for the sake of healing through intense interactions.

There’s a tremendous amount of passion associated with this Sun-Moon blend, and typical Astrology seems to immediately point to Scorpio’s reputation as a SEX crazed maniac, but reality says that this hunger for emotional depth has the capacity to be channeled in countless directions.

One of the reasons for Scorpio’s highly sexual reputation is because they crave intimate contact with others at such a powerful level. However sex and intimacy are not always synonymous.

Using this combination constructively, one finds and entity which is greater than the self and is able to pursue it with unstoppable fervor , finding their life’s “healthy obsession“.

Ideally, this pursuit transforms the person through exposure to the deepest, gut-level truth which aligns with his/her intuition. The concern here is instinctive reality rather than social niceties.

The dysfunctional version of this Sun-Moon blend can manifest behaviorally as an individual who has the “I’ll get you, before you get me” mentality. Someone who strives to control their environment as a result of their inner turmoil and paranoia. There can be the wariness of a wounded animal when it comes to trusting the world. Sensible self-protection has now turned into an impenetrable fortress.

For this combination to operate efficiently, there must be the reciprocity of  “emotional and psychological nakedness”. It’s highly unrealistic for one to expect others to reveal their inner most selves while the Solar/Lunar Scorpion sits as the listener and observer.

They too, must experience the vulnerability which comes with being undressed. Staring out of the peephole and never leaving one’s emotional comfort zone will rarely provide the fuel or sustenance this combination requires.

If you’re a double Scorpio, your theme song is : “The Best Secret” by Pete Rock featuring Lords of the Underground.

You can listen right here:


11 thoughts on “Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon : “The Best Secret”

  1. Totally true. I’m a double Scorpio (with Aries rising) and I completely relate. I love to relate to others on a deep level, although at times not revealing much about myself! Its really fascinating to learn this.

    1. hey hey!! thank you for reading and I’m glad the article resonated with you. i love Scorpio energy and I think it’s vital energy for the collective to burn up outdated material and thrust ourselves into new patterns of growth.

      1. This (as always) was a a great read. I can relate to the general Scorpio vibe since I’m a Scorpio rising and have Venus in Scorpio. I *really* love your perspective on the need for deep involvements and major transformation and burning up that “old data,” so to speak. Ever the Phoenix..thanks for sharing!

  2. “For this combination to operate efficiently, there must be the reciprocity of ”emotional and psychological nakedness”. It’s highly unrealistic for one to expect others to reveal their inner most selves while the Solar/Lunar Scorpion sits as the listener and observer.”

    This really resonated with me, I try to remind myself to be more open and not to expect to unearth someone else’s psyche while maintaing my ice queen veneer :/ I’m quadruple scorpio I have mercury and pluto in scorpio as well. Nevertheless I have a lot of scorpionic energy .

  3. I find myself to be a very intense person diving into whatever I may be pursuing with mind, body, and soul at full speed. Intuitivness, creativity, passion and self-awarness drive me to “push the envelope” as some say. I reveal in being a non-conformist and always March to my own beat. For I am a Scorpio with a Scorpio Sun and A Scorpio Moon. Life Number 8

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