Sun-Pluto Aspects : “The Healer”


When studying Astrology, one of the most important lessons to be understood is:

when it comes to signs, planets and their placements, houses and aspects- there are two sides to every coin.

Attaching the labels of “good” and “bad” when discussing these entities will most likely hinder us from developing a broad understanding of their functions within the greater astrological whole.

When the Sun, which symbolizes the ingredients that comprise your life force and identity has a “sit down” with Pluto, who represents the transformer, catharsis, regeneration and all that reforms, a powerful impact is released into the universe. Influence that can be used for good, or for ill.

If you have a Sun-Pluto aspect within your birth chart, there is an astounding amount of personal power at your disposal. Whether or not you spend the time and effort on yourself which is necessary to access this power is another story.

Anything which involves Pluto is deep and significant . Plutonian energies operate below the surface and cannot readily be “seen” with the naked eye.

To truly benefit from these aspects, you will need to engage in a tremendous amount of self-reflection and scrutiny.

You ‘ll also have to examine your own motivations when it comes to dealing with others. Listening ability can most certainly serve you as an ally. You will not succeed if your method for getting ahead consists of bulldozing others with your views or agendas.

Your potentially highly magnetic personality will work for you providing that you learn to trust others and reveal your motives.

In fact: Sun-Pluto people have the potential serve humanity as healers because of their experience in dealing with matters which are not openly discussed due to the sensitivity and the privacy of their nature. The uniting of these two planets, when capitalized on, makes it possible to live a life which is highly and intentionally purposeful.

An existence based on positive change, and the continuous reinvention of self. Shedding the skin of your identity on a periodic basis, removing all of the outworn parts in order to thrive as the TRUE youAuthenticity in all of its forms can be yours. The misuses of Sun-Pluto power are evident in the megalomania of Nino Brown and Tony Montana.

If you haven’t seen “New Jack City” or “Scarface”, watching these films can provide a picture which cannot be totally captured in words. The choice remains: to heal or to hurt. It’s truly up to us what side of the coin we choose.

If you have a Sun-Pluto aspect in your birth chart, your theme song is “The Healer” by Erykah Badu

You can listen here:

Photo by Teddy tavan from Pexels

8 thoughts on “Sun-Pluto Aspects : “The Healer”

  1. Yes nothing like a major transit shakeup to inspire a soul make-over! 🙂 bam! Pharma PR diva resurfaced as Love Goddess Healer..x thanks as always for your insights & sharing the wisdom x

  2. 🙂 Natal Cap Sun trine Virgo Pluto which the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square has been energizing the heck out of!! Wheee!! (Sun trine Virgo Uranus, too. :))
    Just one more to go….and then I can collapse for a bit. LOL!

  3. Wow! Pisces Sun trine Pluto here with Pluto in house 9 Sagittarius retrograde! This is interesting stuff btw I really like your blog!

  4. Thank you for your insights. A lot of what i have researched online can be very negative regarding this aspect.
    I’ve been on a deep journey of introspection for two years now, as a plutonian. Im sun square pluto and moon square pluto.
    Pisces sun, aquarius moon and scorpio rising. It’s been intense but so healing. I’ve shedded a lot and become stronger emotionally.
    I want to bring light to darkness, no manipulations, no hidden agendas, just harmony, healing and truth.
    LOVE that you’ve linked Erykah Badu. A true goddess!

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