The Scorpio Woman: “The Root”

jahlawnknee: “Bri ”

(Photo source : lonniiii)

Modus Operandi: The depth explorer, the dark magician, the taboo finder, the passionate powerhouse, the wellspring of intensity, the private eye, the gateway to emotional honesty.

Where you can find her: In her dimly lit bedroom immersed in hours of self-reflection and deep introspection. Curled up for some “light reading” on Jungian Psychology. Experimenting with various healing modalities. Studying the Tarot or the Orishas. At a horror movie. Checking out the seedy portions of the internet. On the phone, having a “breakdown/breakthrough” conversation.

She doesn’t really have to say a word, yet her presence is unmistakable. Magnetism seems to want to be her friend as it oozes out of her being. However, very few can see into the unfathomable depths of which the Scorpio Woman is comprised.

Most attempts to box her in as strictly “sexy” get assigned to the place in her mind entitled “superficial bullshit”, as she knows that life, and its experiences run so much deeper, and actually pities the poor fools who indulge in such reductive language and placid thinking……..

7 thoughts on “The Scorpio Woman: “The Root”

  1. Don’t know what it is with blogs you send? But all I get is computer code. Yours is only one that ford it, so doubtful my ph. Is it in Java script? Just looked on fb and I didn’t install it, your help appreciated, Thanks, Silke

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  2. I can’t wait for your ebook come out!!! The breakdown/ breakdown conversation made me laugh, it’s often the same conversation lol

  3. An interesting take on Scorpio women. Maybe a bit too upbeat, but it’s definitely refreshing. The first time I got interested in astrology, I joined a forum. I posted my chart in the appropriate section. Later, when folks got to know me better, I learnt that they got scared just by looking at it, lol. I have a five-planet stellium in Scorpio. The one member who actually replied to me at the time was an Aquarius who made it no secret that he avoided Scorpios like the plague. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He taught me most of what I know about astrology.

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