Jason Fleming is a Counseling Astrologer whose approach could best be described as  broad, person-centered, caring, emotionally intelligent and supportive.

In addition to studying and practicing Astrology, Jason draws from over 15 years of experience in the field of Corporate Recruiting. Jason’s primary focus is partnering with individuals and couples to identify avenues for nurturing personal growth and development.

Jason’s mission as a consultant is to responsibly guide people toward a more expanded and integrated self-concept. Jason offers personalized consultations which are specifically tailored to the needs of his clients. Sessions include an overview of personal strengths, developmental challenges and an outline of relationship and vocational needs.

The best way to describe Jason’s Astrological philosophy would be Holistic. In remaining true to this perspective, the most effective way one’s birth chart can be used is as an instrument to enhance one’s quest for self-knowledge and understanding.

Jason’s Individual sessions are geared toward creating a meaningful and supportive dialogue with the ultimate goal of establishing strategies to develop and utilize the contents of the birth chart in clear, constructive, and tangible ways.

Jason’s Astrological writing has been published in Hexagon Astrology Magazine, Clutch Magazine and the online version of the Mountain Astrologer. Additionally, he has served as co-editor of two books by Astrologer Susie Cox: “Susie’s Sun Signs” and “Susie’s Love Signs”. Jason has also appeared in the Journal of the International Society For Astrological Research.