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I’d like to extend a sincere thank you and heartfelt welcome to all of you who have decided to visit my Astrology blog !! It excites me to know that there are readers out there who have a thirst for Astrological knowledge and it’s my pleasure to serve as a conduit of sorts.

Ever since I can remember,  human growth and behavior  has always been something I’ve been immensely curious about. Creating one’s place in the world has always been a process which resonated with me on a profound level.

Spending time in the business world as a Human Resources professional has blended nicely with Astrology. As they both emphasize themes used in  building relationships, understanding human motivation and the quest to discover one’s true vocation.

When I first started practicing Astrology back in 2009, “Sagittarian Mind” was the only name I considered using for my blog. I automatically knew that was “it”.

My approach to Astrology is holistic and person-centered.

I don’t believe for one second that we’re a pawn in a game of cosmic chess or that the planets are somehow conspiring against us to contribute to our demise. I approach Astrology with reverence and consider it to be a fantastic tool for self-knowledge, when combined with our motivation to do the necessary work on ourselves in service of our total development.

I’m not a person who practices or supports Astrology for Astrology’s sake. My focus is the exploration of how we can most constructively and effectively apply the insights we derive from it’s study into our daily life and behavior. I think it’s fair to say that we can show it’s value through what we actually DO in the REAL world.

My commitment centers around empowering others to live authentically and making the most of their gifts. I’m dedicated to assisting people in recognizing and actualizing their innate potentials while gaining satisfaction and a greater sense of meaning from their lives.

One of my major areas of focus is the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, whether personal or professional. My goal is to assist you with creating and maintaining partnerships that are conducive to your growth and well-being.

I partner with people on a one-on-one basis as well as through teaching beginning and intermediate Astrology classes.

If you’re interested in how a session with me can be of value to you, please feel free to e-mail me directly at : sagittarianmind@gmail.com.

I hope reading the blog assists in the expansion of your mind and provides a wider lens through which to view the world.  May everyone move that much closer to answering their life’s calling.  Thank you for your time, support and encouraging comments.


13 thoughts on “© 2017 Sagittarian Mind Consulting

  1. Greetings Sagmind, I’ve read some of your post and find them very interesting and refreshing! Finally someone who gets me! I too am a hiphop head and have a passion for astrology. My question to you is which astrological system do you use? Western or Vedic? I’m not sure if you stated in past posts. You have great insight none the less!

    1. peace!! thanks for visiting the blog and I really appreciate your comments. I’m a western astrologer, and I wholly believe that we can gain insight from the exploration of different systems.

  2. Hey I was wondering. Could you please do a post on the sun/moon combination of gemini sun/virgo moon!! I would be really grateful!.

  3. Hey SagMind, great page! I have been referring your page to others, its great to see a brotha keep his page current and up to date on the Astro knowledge. Could you do a Sun/Moon on Aquarius sun/Aries moon when you get the chance? Thanks & Much Respect!

  4. Hey SagMind, great and insightful articles. I’m wondering you’ve been doing Sun/Moon combos on Virgo but i didnt found SunVirgo/MoonAries combination. Could you do that combo? Thanks

  5. Thanks for the post on Virgo Sun / Sag Moon – so glad to hear it’s a win-win!

    I always think of astrologers as being white – so you have exposed one of my biases – funny! But I guess it reflects my experience 🙂

  6. Hello, I am looking for a professional black (African-American) astrologer for consultation on personal and business matters. I believe it best to not only circulate dollars with black people but also draw on their skill/talent. Can you please point me in a direction and also help with tips on choosing a quality astrologer. Thank you

  7. love everything you do, your words and imagery are so uplifting and inspiring. i was wondering if you have done or could do a cancer sun/capricorn moon (with or without cancer ascendant).

    thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts

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