Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon : “I Break Chains All By Myself”

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” Freedom is not an ideal located outside of man; nor is it an idea which becomes myth. It is rather the indispensable condition for the quest for human completion.” – Paulo Freire

When a Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Moon meet up in a birth chart, the ideal blending of the truth seeker and the revolutionary emerges.In fact, you would be hard pressed to find many other cosmic combinations which prize independence just as enthusiastically.

I find it quite interesting that on a basic level, the Sun in Sagittarius is propelled by the freedom TO, while the Aquarius Moon has a reigning need for freedom FROM.

In Sagittarius, we are introduced to the philosophically minded truth seeker, the explorer of life’s highest, most ancient insights. The solar fuel which ignites the archer suggests the desire to be illuminated in the most authentic sense.

Sagittarians want to know.

The archer is driven by the freedom to search high and low for anything which will provide a more expansive view on the world in which they live. No city, state, country, library, bar or seedy venue is off limits. The centaur simply looks at these as the branches of the same tree. They put the pieces together accordingly and then promptly synthesize them into a comprehensive understanding of the big picture.

The Moon in Aquarius uses the questing, exploratory fuel provided by Sagittarius to form a personality which has an emotional need to combat and dismantle the trappings of societal and cultural conditioning.

The Lunar water bearer desires freedom FROM.

independence from the stultifying, mind-numbing  propaganda and doctrines which are passed off as “education”. Freedom from familial settings where they’re labeled the “black sheep”, because Aquarian Moons carry around a totally different idea about what’s “normal“.

In fact, they find it quite puzzling (and irritating) that the definers of this “normalcy” use THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR as the standard, as if this lends itself to credibility.

Ultimately, the message of your life is that you can’t hide or run from the TRUTH of your own being. If you’re feeling strange or extraterrestrial- GOOD.  Teach us and show us how to work that on earth. Be an example of  the beautiful weirdo. Customize your existence. Blaze that trail.

Your theme song is: “Freedom ” by Beyonce featuring Kendrick Lamar

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Dear Aquarian Moon,

Moon Face Finished

Dear Aquarian Moon:

I hope you’ve been doing well. I won’t hold you long, because I know that patience isn’t your thing. I had to write you again, in hopes that you would get back to me. It seems as if once you found out that “regular” people respond to their e-mails within 24-48 hours, you immediately rebelled and decided that you weren’t going to write me at all. Then, I tried to call, but your voice mail was full. Why don’t you listen to messages, again?

Hey…. did you receive the “Watch The Throne” CD that I sent you? I know that you have this quirk about listening to new music at the same time as the masses, and you’re not heavy into mainstream music, but can you check it out as soon as possible? I would love to know your opinion. Exchanging ideas with you excites me to no end. You’re always so well informed about what’s going on in the larger sphere of the world and I love our conversations about music, politics, gender roles, sexuality, relationships.... you name it.

See… one of the things I love about you is that you’re not a follower. It’s like you have this built in mechanism which will not allow you to compromise your individuality. From your speech to your appearance- it’s all YOU.

I love how you insist on putting your unique stamp on everything that crosses your path.

Conformity isn’t in your blood and you’re on a perpetual search to free yourself from anything which you consider to be a trapping, or constraint. Even if it’s related to your gender, family, race, class, etc… If there’s anyone who could teach other people about true freedom, it’s you, and of course those Sagittarians!!

I just want to offer you some food for thought if I may: It might prove beneficial for you to look inside yourself and really examine how you define freedom and independence. To truly make sure that the definition resonates with you. That it’s coming from your inner wisdom and not a pre-packaged microwave version that society doles out to us in droves.  You already have the courage, so make sure you employ it to create a life that you can truly call your own.

Just by being in your presence, I get the sense that you’re not trying to live a life that consists of outworn, recycled echoes from your parents, professors, employers or other entities that claim to serve as authorities.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with being in agreement with the majority. Sometimes, they’re correct and make sense. Just be certain that the conclusions you’ve arrived at have come as a result of your independent thinking and not undue outside influence or societal pressure. 

I apologize that I entitled this e-mail “Don’t Read This”, but it was the only way that I thought I could get you to respond. I hope to hear from you soon.  Take care of yourself, continue to awaken others. By the way, I love that bumper sticker on your peace van that says: “imitation is suicide”.