The Importance of Taking Responsibility For Our Birth Charts

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“In practice, the humanistic astrologer studies (perceives) the birth chart aesthetically rather than ethically, first as a whole and then in terms of its individual factors.

Nothing in the birth-chart is seen as good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate; humanistic astrology recognizes no evil planets or bad signs. It considers all astrological factors as having a place in all things; everything is good when in its place in the eternal scheme of things and in relation to everything else. From this approach, the birth-chart is a set of instructions for the actualization of one’s potential.”
-Michael R. Meyer

Whenever I speak with people about Astrology, I always make it a point to let them know how strongly I feel about self-responsibility. Astrology is a profound art and a wonderful tool for self- discovery.

It’s extremely important to remember that everything has a purpose within our birth charts. It’s pertinent that we accept and “make friends” with our celestial maps. Coming to grips with our cosmic blueprints enables us to work with the energies that are present at the highest, most evolved levels.

If we refuse to “own” our charts, at worst, the issues surrounding the parts that we reject will come to visit us in another form. Or, they will be projected onto friends and intimates.

It may help us tremendously to remember that there are both productive and unproductive expressions for every planet, signhouse and aspect. If we truly want to take travel the high road, it’s ours for the taking and is waiting for us.

Let’s make a comparison to our physical body: suppose that we don’t like our arms. For whatever reason we’re not pleased with their shape, tone, etc… Even though this may be the case, we’re probably not going to deny the reality that we have two arms. In fact, we may even start to work to improve their condition.

With our birth charts, it fails to work to our advantage when we’re a Gemini and we spend all day dreaming about becoming a Scorpio. Or, we feverishly try to repress our Moon in Virgo telling ourselves that it’s in the late degrees, so “it’s really more Libran”.

We must remember to accept the raw material that we’re presented with, mold it to our satisfaction and create our own masterpiece.

Trusting our judgement and having faith in our ability to become the authors of our lives assisted by the tools of astrology can definitely create an atmosphere that will strikingly enhance the quality of our lives and those around us.

Libra Sun, Taurus Moon


For many of us, moments of true equilibrium don’t necessarily occur as often as we would like. In fact, we may even find them to be a bit elusive. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that there’s often a common human tendency to either be looking BACK, embroiled in the gut-wrenching regret or heartfelt nostalgia of PAST events, or gazing far into the FUTURE with wide-eyed idealism or trepidation and uncertainty.

Your Sun-Moon blend highlights the possibility of a silver lining for you: the potential to look straight ahead and be firmly planted in the NOW, with the capacity to extract beauty from, and experience serenity in the most basic aspects of life.

Within you, there’s a suggestion of a grounded and unruffled foundation which combines with a social intelligence and refinement. There’s a knack for executing sheer appreciation for the moment, and also the confidence that, when that moment has elapsed, there’s one right behind it which can be appreciated just as fully.

You gain a deep satisfaction from an inner certainty that your life is being built with the intent of acquiring and increasing the scope of your spiritual and material resources. However, what was once a fertile wellspring of contentment can turn into a rigid and obstinate struggle for security if you become too attached to possessing, or possibly “trapping” what you enjoy.

Your personal relationships are an area of life where you must employ flexibility, accepting the ebbs and flows which come with the terrain. Rather than viewing change as an undermining of your basic sense of security, a more constructive approach may be to conceptualize its lucrative possibilities.

Your capacity to assert yourself for the sake of self-interest and the cultivation of your senses which extend beyond the immediately observable are tools which you’re going to want to develop. In all of your physicality, you’re meant to tap into every faculty, which will lead to the unfolding of a more complete human being.

A major lesson in your evolution is to recognize that everyone doesn’t play the game of life by the same rules. While you may bask in your mastery of the pleasure principle, others may major in potting and scheming. Some interactions may produce more confrontation and tension than you would like, or are used to, but your potential for endurance and common sense diplomacy are in your toolbox waiting to be utilized.

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Astrological Knowledge is an Opportunity


A couple days ago, I was explaining to someone how my Astrological philosophy centered more around the holistic conception of the person, and the birth chart being more of a identifier of human potential as opposed to being a fixed and static entity .

In exploring Astrological symbolism, it’s important to remember that we have choices. We’re NOT our birth chart so to speak. There’s our birth chart and then there’s the reality inside and outside of us.

Hopefully, the Astrology that’s being presented to the public at large will emphasize the vast array of alternatives we have rather than promote the message that we’re hopelessly and inextricably bound to the mercy of a planet.

In my view, learning about the contents of your birth chart is a grand opportunity to accelerate your growth. Some of this may feel good, and some of this won’t.  While I’m inclined toward optimism, I also would like to think that I have a firm grip on reality and the challenges (and sometimes pitfalls) which can be ever present in our lives.

However, despite the problems that we face, we have the chance to work with what we have and make the best we possible can out of the situation.  I think, during tough times, it’s even more important that we remind ourselves of this fact.

Just because we may know all of our placements, our current transits, etc… doesn’t mean that we won’t face strain and strife.  In addition, it needs to be said that some of these periods of trials could last weeks, months or even years.

In this event, our ability to respond is EVERYTHING, and having a solid grip on our charts and the courage to view them through a developmental lens are part of our arsenal for responding in a way which empowers us to sustain ourselves, irrespective of the climate that we happen to be in at that time.

Astrological Knowledge is an opportunity.


Astrology: A Liberating Concept of Human Development

Horoscope wheel chart

So, you’ve had your natal chart interpreted by an Astrologer and you’re ecstatic !! Feeling on top of the world. “This is me!!” is what you say to yourself.

Finally, you’ve discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or, have you? I say that you’ve discovered pieces of gold, but not the whole pot. With the assistance of Astrology, one of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned is that we’re never static. We’re always becoming.

Think about that.

As human beings, we’re in a continual state of growth or decay. The choice is there for you to make. I once heard an Astrologer say that the same chart which seems to validate and free us can turn right around and become a source of our own limitations if we allow it.

When you study your chart, always consider the vast amount of possibilities that are inherent with each planet,sign and house combination as well as the aspects. Then decide how you wish to channel that energy.

Remember that you’re the coach. Although you may encounter many challenging situations along the way, facing these tests is what champions are made of. To realize that you have numerous alternatives available and the intellect, will and strength to call your own plays is TRUE astroliberation.

The Astrological “Blame Game”


“Men at some time are masters of their fates: the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

-William Shakespeare

Astrology is a wonderfully intricate symbolic language. The potential insights which can be derived from it’s responsible use and constructive application are innumerable. Each and every one of us possesses an entire birth chart which  can serve us faithfully as a cosmic map.

The chart not only outlines our life purpose and innate potentials, but also the most productive methods and strategies to employ toward the ultimate pinnacle of self-realization. By consciously using our chart as a tool for self-development, we can also become privy to necessary growth cycles in our lives as represented by transits and progressions. These can provide us with clues to how we must meet the challenges put before us during these times.

With all of this knowledge, however, rests a tremendous amount of self-responsibility and a firm grasp on reality. Yes, from time to time most of us engage in light hearted banter and humorous anecdotes regarding the zodiac signs.

There is really very little harm in this. However, when placed in a more serious arena, attributing self-defeating and negative behavior patterns to a zodiac sign or a chart configuration can be very destructive. There are choices which we make in our every day lives which certainly transcend our being a Libra, Gemini or a Capricorn.

We all have the ability to decide how we will respond to a given person or situation. Additionally, I think it bears repeating that there are many levels of consciousness at which we can live out our birth charts. Your individual natal chart is static. It never changes. It’s a snapshot frozen in time coded with symbolic instructions on how you might become your most authentic self. Your birth chart does not promise anything. We are the breathing, living humans who must decide whether we’re going to attempt to manifest the highest form of the energy that is indicated by our charts, or slip into the victim role as if the planets and signs are pulling the strings and we’re merely a puppet for the taking.

At its most evolved, Astrology is an empowering art whose purpose is not only designed to enhance the quality of our own lives, but as a by product improve the lives of those around us. When attempting to delve into this system of self-improvement, we must ask ourselves if our attitude is proactive, thereby asking questions and seeking answers which will help synthesize our energies in to an integrated, more fully functioning human being. Or, reactive…. telling ourselves that we must continue to be a dogmatic proselytizer because it’s the Sagittarian way. Or, justifying one last jealous rage because of our Scorpio stellium. Flawed questions produce flawed information.

In closing, I will leave you with a quote from Mencius, which I think sums up the message nicely:

“He who attends to his greater self becomes a great man; he who attends to his smaller self becomes a small man.”

Let us continue to aim our arrows high.

Astrology: One Size DOESN’T Fit All


“A shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” -Carl Jung [from “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”]

As Astrological students, teachers and or practitioners, each of us approaches the interpretive art with different goals in mind. We all have different reasons why Astrology resonates with us. For myself, one of the missions which I hold near and dear to my heart is to bolster the overall perception and credibility of Astrology via my intellectual contributions and emotional energy.

A point which I don’t think can ever be discussed thoroughly enough when it comes to Astrology is:

One size DOESN’T fit all.

While general Sun sign horoscopes certainly have their niche, it would also benefit us to focus on the fact that we’re complex human beings. We’re not robots or mechanistic entities which can be infused with rigidly constructed data. Through our varied backgrounds, experiences and environmental influences we become complicated and multi-layered.

All of us have a unique birth chart which is a snapshot, yet ever developing portrait of the planetary positions at the moment of our birth. It’s our own blueprint, which can be interpreted as instructions for the most effective way to become what we’re meant to.

My desire is to promote an Astrology where we transition from the signs as static, and often reductive behavioral boxes to which we’re “fated” to adhere- to the fulfillment of needs, life processes and developmental paths.

When this type of meaning permeates through Astrological symbolism, we can begin to see ourselves holistically; as an entire human being. One that is less subject to the mere reaction to external stimuli and events and more prepared to work with and actualize our true selves which are needed for the times.

We’re never finished products, and I advocate the type of Astrology which reflects this sentiment. The celestial language which allows room for our constant unfolding and living at different levels of developmental experience.

To be a Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius isn’t a fixed proposition. It’s an ongoing process. Chances are, we’ll live a myriad of levels of these life paths, which are consistent with our present level of maturity and awareness. By approaching Astrology from this perspective, as the wonderfully intricate navigational tool that it can be, we’re much more likely to discover , through time, patience and experience, our authentic recipe for living.

Astrology: There’s a Flip Side To Every Coin


As the author of this blog, I would be doing all of you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that I’m an optimist of the highest order.

There’s rarely a day that goes by where I don’t think about the capacity for people to transform their lives for the better, breaking the chains of confining ideologies and the potential for human development.

However, when we put our Astrological thinking caps on, one of the most important things for us to remember is that everything has a flip side.

I do the best I can to avoid placing planets, signs, aspects and houses into static and confining categories as “good” and “bad”.

Realistically speaking, we must realize that everything we know to be a favorable about a certain astrological sign, configuration or placement carries the same potentials to manifest unfavorably in one’s birth chart. This is important to know because with some self-observation, we could possibly avoid the traps and pitfalls that come with an underdeveloped part of ourselves.

We will not always exhibit the highest form of our astrological makeup, but the desire and intent to push forward and become more than what we are is what will help us avoid the excessive weight of belaboring over our imperfections.

It’s an exhilarating feeling when we witness our own growth, when we get a larger glimpse of what we’re meant to become.

The key is to build on that flash of insight or that stream of consciousness and integrate it into our psyche so we become more confident, and are able to radiate that to the world.  To show gratitude and reverence for becoming closer to our cosmic blueprint is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon the universe.

In turn, staying grounded, and keeping a firm hold on the reality of our limitations has its own set of advantages.

Remember: Sunday’s best can turn into Monday’s worst.

Even though this may be the case, let’s be patient with ourselves.

Deprogramming Our Astrological Mind

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Many of us who are familiar with Astrology and it’s language immediately recognize the name Liz Greene. Liz is a psychologically oriented Astrologer whose insights I find to be astoundingly valuable and poignant. Some of her seminars, through the Centre for Psychological Astrology have been transcribed and converted into book form, which I find to be an excellent idea.

During one of the workshops about the Sun Signs, there was a particular exchange between Liz and a member of the audience which reignited my feelings about Astrological stereotypes.

During the lecture, Liz was discussing the needs of the different Sun Signs and she arrived at Sagittarius. She went on to ask the audience their thoughts on what the sign wanted out of life. The usual answers such as “meaning” and “purpose” were immediately offered up and Ms. Greene began to expand on them by mentioning the Sagittarian need for holistic understanding through intuitive realizations, making connections and so forth.

After she finished explaining her insights, she was asked the following question by a member of the audience:

“Are Sagittarians prepared to make sacrifices to find meaning? I always think they look for the easiest route. They’re opportunistic

Liz responded: ” That sounds like a personal judgement based on an encounter with a Sagittarian that didn’t work out.”


What’s important about this exchange is the reminder of how Astrology can imprison our psyche as well as liberate it. When thinking astrologically, it’s a necessity that we’re able to distinguish behavior from sign. It’s equally vital that we’re able to separate the behavior of one person, or even a few, from the inclination to attribute that to an entire zodiac sign.

When we begin our thinking with these kind of inaccuracies, it only stands to reason that the final result will prove to be misleading. However, if we’re more concerned about being “right” and confirming our suspicions about certain signs, then this mentality may prove to be comfortable for those who aren’t inclined to put forth the time and effort needed to make accurate distinctions.

In closing, we also must remember that all of us are made of the same energies, but they’re arranged in a pattern which gives us our uniqueness. So, any information we think we’ve unearthed about another sign, could just as easily be applied to us as we have to a greater or lesser degree the same needs and drives which pervade our psyches.

Let’s de-program our astrological minds.

Reference: Apollo’s Chariot: The Meaning of The Astrological Sun, by Liz Greene pp. 59-60.