Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon


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The life energy is geared toward intimate connections and responsiveness to the unspoken needs of others. This is reflected in a personality whose reigning need is emotional security. To know where they stand without a doubt.

When double cancer energy feels taken advantage of, or like they’re nurturing and taking care of everyone else while not receiving the same warmth and care in return, this results in mood swings.

At best, this is a person who is totally open to emotional displays and allows the full range of intuition to run its course through the spirit which helps them to be a clear thinker and see through pretension.

When underdeveloped, there are unnecessary self-defense mechanisms locked into place which stunt growth and undermine which would otherwise be the capacity for a deep and rich connection with self  and others.

The theme song for the Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon blend is “Mood Swing” by Asheru featuring Talib Kweli. You can listen here: