But My Horoscope Said…….



I’d like to share a few of my thoughts with you all regarding the daily astrological  forecasts that you may read online, in magazines or the newspapers:

I urge everyone who may be reading this to keep in mind the following:

whatever progress and improvements we make usually come as a result of sustained dedication and are a culmination of the continuous efforts that we’ve put forth.

So, when you read: “you may be in for a promotion or advancement in the workplace today.”  Or, ” you may at last find the woman/man that you’ve been seeking.” let’s keep in mind what, if anything we’ve previously done in the direction of those endeavors.

If we’ve put absolutely no energy toward our work or relationships, I can almost promise you that your daily horoscope won’t pan out.

I’m in no way implying that one day can’t make a significant difference in our lives, but what I AM saying is one day PLUS many other days of focus and concentrated effort is much more likely to have a greater impact.

“But, my horoscope said there’s a promotion in my future…….”

If you’ve been late to work for 15 out of the last 30 days, the best advice that I could give you is to remain thankful that you’re still employed. Despite what your daily forecast says, the private management meetings probably aren’t about which plush office to move you into.

While the symbolism of the current astrological factors may be accurate, if our efforts needed to manifest the said results have been lackluster, we’ll most likely reap the compensatory result.

If we’re on a diet and attempting to lose weight, and we have grapefruit on Monday, but krispy kreme donuts for the other six days, the progress toward meeting our goal is sure to be minimal at best.

When reading any type of astrological literature, discernment is the key to a realistic perspective of life events and circumstances.

Planets and signs don’t MAKE us anything. If we put ourselves and our efforts first in the equation, it will be a much greater chance that we’ll be able to capitalize on our abilities, plus astrological tools, in a constructive and practical manner.