Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Scorpio : “Open”


With this Venus/Mars blend, intuitive and holistic approaches combine with depth exploration.

Potentially, you can be willing to “take it there” dropping bombs on the “taboos” of life while splitting them open for full view in the process.

If you choose to do so, you have the capacity to relate with radically naked honesty, based on high ideals and principles. In fact,  it’s something you value greatly.

Intense sexual exploration as a means to heal, and summon greater forces of fusion is the most fulfilling avenue when it comes to intimate connections with others. Breadth of scope and passionate focus are resources at your disposal.

Although a part of you can come off as lighthearted, there’s an appetite for something more substantial; a desire to know and be known at the most profound levels, and you’re someone who’s willing to accept the challenge and everything that comes with that..

Even when you have to dredge up the parts of yourself which are more difficult to examine, you find a large scope philosophical  context to bring meaning to the entire situation.

While  buoyant free spirits attract you, those who are willing to travel to the seedy underbellly of life turn you on and get your blood pumping. You find the deviation from doing “what you’re supposed to do” , and saying what you’re supposed to say highly erotic.

Open-mindedness and the willingness to accept yourself and others in their totality is part of your lifetime homework.

Learning the art of suspending judgment and resisting the urge to play psychotherapist when your input isn’t asked or required is a major part of your curriculum for growth.

There’s a capacity to understand the universal and abstract significance of life and simultaneously delve into the mysteries which can’t be conveyed through strict intellectual means.

Penetration and expansion can serve you well. However, remember to give as well as you get.

If you have the pairing of Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio natally, your theme song is “Open” by Da Beatminerz featuring Caron Wheeler and Pete Rock. You can listen here:

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Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra : “The Confrontation”


As the CEO of this Venus/Mars blend in your birth chart, your relational needs center around personal potency and the allowance of raw emotional nakedness.

It’s difficult for you to accept anything less than feeling deeply connected to your significant other or whomever you choose to engage with.

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a dance happening inside you which requires the careful navigation of its rhythms. It consists of allowing yourself to see both your beauty as well as the ugly beast within.

If there’s anything you feel that should remain in the dark “from prying eyes”, for your benefit, you have to face it without running away. In fact, there will be no peace until you do so. You have immense potential to heal and be healed through your personal relationships, but you must come to terms with the cost of admission.

Your blend suggests the application of energy in service of harmony, and this is honorable. However, avoiding the rawness of touchy issues just for the sake of serenity won’t cut it in this lifetime. Your inner peace could be very well earned through trials of fire.

We all know that sex faces aren’t pretty, but you have to let the grimace be what it is, and let the moans out- chances are you’ll feel a liberation of emotional toxins and will be on the way to experiencing the equilibrium that you value so much. Anything which can help you to reveal yourself in a no holds barred capacity is your friend. In order to create a trusting environment, you TOO must lay some cards on the table. Maybe not *every* card just yet, but enough to let others know you mean serious business.

Will you share your depths? Or will you look out the peephole until you think everything is “nice and neat”?

If you have Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra, your theme song is “Runnin” by the Pharcyde. You can listen here:

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Venus in Gemini, Mars in Scorpio : “Behind Closed Doors”


Although you’re the type to enjoy a lighthearted “good time” and may even express your deepest feelings in the form of anecdotes,  if someone were to delve into your interior just a little bit more, they would see that it’s not all adolescent giggles and midnight games of scrabble.

You value variety, but depth is pursued in a fervent, almost “do or die” fashion. Once you get your emotional energy swirling behind a cause (especially love or lust), all bets are off.

You have the potential to relate to others with a dexterity which disarms them, but you don’t stop there. In fact, this is only a means to explore the gloss of the surface before diving into deep waters. Once you’ve arrived you like to penetrate and be penetrated : spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

One may get the idea that you’re footloose and fancy free because you seem to navigate life with such aplomb, but what they may not see unless they get extremely close to you is your craving for intensity. What people fail to understand about you is that you view sex as just one of the many vehicles that can be used to explore and solidify a deeper connection with another human being. So, your true reasons for engaging in the throes of intimacy are often at variance with what others expect.

Your psychological makeup could be compared to a burner on a stove that doesn’t turn orange when it warms up, so people try to touch you and get scorched because they had NO IDEA you were so hot.

You need your privacy, but in order to remain true to yourself, it’s important that you cultivate the ability to make your deepest needs known to others. Learning the difference between strategic self-protection and deception is part of your life’s work.

Your sword can cut both ways through verbal confrontation and strategic precisely timed action.

If you have Venus in Gemini and Mars in Scorpio, your theme song is “Behind Closed Doors” by Pharoahe Monch. You can listen here:



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Venus in Pisces, Mars in Aries


You value what you can’t see with your eyes and you also sense subtle music which all of us can’t hear.

Like water, you’re adaptable and you can take on the shape of  whatever “container” you happen to be dealing with at the time, whether it’s a job, friendship or intimate relationship. Adaptability is one of your reigning strengths.

However, what you often experience is a conflict between empathy, i.e. walking in the shoes of others, and taking action which promotes your self-interest.

Your life questions center around whether you should be the “supportive one”, or passionately champion your own independence. You may find in time that your energy expenditure is most fruitful in developing your individuality, so you have more to give to another person. After all, you find your relational needs to be connected to merging and sharing mutual sensitivity.

A spiritual connection means a lot to you, but you’re also no stranger to the deep thrusts and eroticism, which you integrate into the whole. For you,  love should be gentle, but a little tinge of pain never hurt anyone, either.

So, in essence, your Mars/Venus blend is about the themes of not so much changing your shape to fit every container, but creating a container which is flexible and can accommodate your unfolding as a human being. You might even find that you need more than one container, or that there needs to be several. So what?

When it comes to flowing with the current of life, your potential is evident. Applying yourself toward pioneering courageous approaches to the expression of your “vibe” is also right up your alley.

You can relate with a subtlety which is adept, yet act swiftly. Both peace and passion are your birthright.


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Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo


Your  Venus/Mars blend suggests an enjoyment of life that is nothing short of beaming.

Seeking to elevate your relationships, philosophical pondering with the one that you love is a requirement. This can take place thousands of miles away from home, or inside a studio apartment.

The freedom to learn and explore life in all of its facets connects to a healthy sense of self-esteem, along with a drive toward unique self-expression and creation through the force of your personality. There’s a genuine love for expansive ideas and lofty ideals, which when pursued, can help you gain attention from others.

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Venus in Gemini, Mars in Sagittarius


With this Venus/Mars combination, freedom and variety is as essential to you as oxygen. The question you will have to ask yourself is: “freedom for what?”

There’s no doubt that relationships serve you as a  source of unlimited information and intellectual stimulation. You also seek to apply what you learn in a larger context; through some all-encompassing philosophical system which provides you with more clues about what life ultimately means.

When you came to this planet, a one-dimensional experience is certainly what you DIDN’T have in mind.

Whether you’re getting your passport stamped or heavily immersed in a great work of literature, traveling is essential for you. Both your relationships and sex life need to be consistently pursuant toward these ideals.

Relationships with no adventure and diversity might as well be a “bored to death” sentence for you, as this blend suggests a need to explore duality and a quest for a lightness and buoyancy of being.

Yes… you may be floating along with youthful exuberance, but let’s not mistake that for naivete, as you have the potential to assert the force of your being as connected to high-minded principles, especially honesty and ethical behavior as it applies to your intimate exchanges.

Maybe the lesson which you have to learn with this blend is: there can be just as much variety in getting to know a few people deeply as flitting two and fro from one relatively superficial encounter to the next.

In your life and relationships you’ll find that the more you explore, the more questions arise, so be prepared to understand that just when you think you have the ultimate answer or truth, a few more of them reveal themselves and you have to re-work the puzzle we know as life.

If you’re able to use your flexibility to adapt to that type of “weather”, you will find that you’re able to make your home anywhere and enjoy the here and now of your relationships and maintain your sense of wonder which so rightly permeates your DNA.

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Aries Sun, Libra Moon


The blending of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra is fundamentally illustrative of the need to integrate the dynamics of the assertion of individuality and harmonious social relations. The natural opposition, or complimentary force between the signs calls for awareness of ourselves and the other.

With an Aries Sun, the person’s essential life energy and stimulus consists of thrusting the identity into the world with force and distinguishing the self as an individual, distinct from the herd,asserting and claiming themselves as number one in their chosen field of endeavor.

This solar placement suggests an initiating quality which can manifest behaviorally in the form of dynamic, courageous and empowering leadership when operating on a functional level. The Sun in Aries potential centers around the drive to leap forward into action and using their strength to defeat any impediments which may be present.


When operating dysfunctionally, the Aries Sun can manifest as someone who’s so vitally “alive” that they think they’re the ONLY one’s alive. The overfunctioning of the ego serves to alienate those who might otherwise be allies.

The Libra Moon uses the Sun’s light to reflect a personality whose nourishment depends on balancing self-approval with social appreciation. Where the Aries Sun is focused on self, the Libra Moon’s orientation is toward others, with a tendency to evaluate themselves from the observer’s point of view. Cooperation, social relatedness and the joining of forces toward a common goal are some of the emotional needs suggested by a Libra Moon.


When  the Moon’s placement in Libra is operating dysfunctionally, the individual OVER relates to others. He or she becomes confused about who they are outside of their relationships. There may be a ‘peace at all costs” philosophy at work where the person suppresses their identity in favor of amicable relations. However, this set up ultimately leaves the door open for animosity to creep in causing an eruption of epic proportions. The very dynamic which was trying to be avoided through accommodating behavior has now been created because the individual wanted to be seen as “fair” and “good”.

 Navigating the balance point between the assertion of self as a separate entity and the recognition of how that impacts our relations with other people is the key to constructively integrating this Sun-Moon blendTo have confidence that we can simultaneously claim our individual selfhood and relate as equals to our fellow human beings is essential.

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Mars-Neptune Contacts in Synastry


Most hip hop fans are familiar with Common’s 2005 album “Be”, and his song featuring Kanye West entitled “Go”.

” And on the count of three…everybody run back to ya fantasy…”

When I think about how Mars relates to Neptune in a synastry chart, this song struck a chord with me IMMEDIATELY.

Mars literally symbolizes our “GO”.  It represents our drive, action and our efforts to obtain what we desire, whether it’s the fulfillment of cherished goals, status, power or SEX.

Neptune’s energy is slippery, ethereal, nebulous and boundless. Something we can’t quite put our finger on. Frankly, it can be difficult to grasp.

So, what’s the dynamic look like when there’s Mars-Neptune contact between two individuals?

On the constructive side, the potential is immense for a couple to dream together actively. An unconditional and steady support of each partner’s aspirations can be honored with this planetary pairing. Mutual creativity and inspiration may abound which springs from the feeling of being connected to the whole of life.

Both people have the potential to motivate one another to transcend the constraints of living a one dimensional existence, or a life rigidly defined within linear limitations.

Sexually,  a potent thrust of idealism and a “sixth sense” psychic connection can serve as the golden threads which permeate the relationship. There may be the feeling that one has discovered the PERFECT sexual union. That your partner touches you just the right way, utters the poetic, yet nasty words that excite and enchant you and whose movements mesh with the rhythms of your body.

The potential challenge, or even downfall can emerge when you depend on sexual liaisons to act as the exclusive sustainer of the relationship. You may become engulfed in a morass of haze, indecisiveness and confusion as to where you actually stand with your partner, as to what it all means now.

Although great sex may provide a temporary “high”, your intoxication may lead you to ignore  issues which continue to increase in their significance and bubble over as a result of your neglect.  When the smoke has cleared you may wake up and find yourself depleted of the energy it takes to honestly and squarely address your issues.

The remedy here is to couple up and use your collective powers of discrimination to understand the difference between fantasy as a form of creativity and journeying into the interior of one another’s psyche, and a lingering addiction or escape from reality which can severely block the flow of authentic intimacy.

So….at the count of three, you can run back to your fantasy, but it’s up to YOU to decide what the contents of that fantasy will be. The health of your relationship depends on it.

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Mercury-Mars Aspects


When Mercury and Mars combine in a natal chart, this suggests a blending of one’s intellect with assertion and the application of will. This particular person is intent on using their mental capabilities to compete and win, and sometimes at all costs.

One of the reigning questions which this blend proposes is:

“what can I DO with this thought?”

Using this aspect successfully, one would take what they know and act on it. This is not necessarily what would be considered a ponderous combination as there can be abrupt speech which may even be labeled as rude by some, and an indicator of impatience.

However, there is a certain urgency to learn which may manifest as a request to “get on with it” or “get to the point”. Information or explanations that are “roundabout” in nature aren’t what they’re looking for.

When well developed, this can be the debate champ.  Highly skilled in verbal dexterity with an instinctive sense of where to “hit” in order to drive their points home while commanding attention for their intellectual prowess.

In it’s maladaptive state , Mercury-Mars can manifest as someone who has the audacity to chronically interrupt others because they think what they have to say is so much more important. Or, an individual who uses words as a violent weapon to purposefully injure others.


The Astrological Relationship Quartet: The Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars in Partnership

African Color Face New Letters Round Black Background

Lets make no mistake about it: embarking on the quest of analyzing the many forms of human interaction can be a Herculean task.

With all of the rich variations of personality and shades of behavioral nuance to take into consideration, deriving chemistry, whether in friendships, work situations or partnerships is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

The focus of this article surrounds intimate relationships. In Astrological language, the appropriate term to describe the art of comparing individuals’ birth charts for the sake of compatibility is called synastry.

Often, when compatibility is discussed in popular magazines and similar publications, the focus

is strictly on Sun signs, a.k.a, the sign that were all familiar with. While this emphasis provides valuable information concerning our aspirations and what type of fuel we require to sustain our vitality, much more needs to be taken into consideration when deriving a complete picture of how two people mesh. Ideally, in a fully functioning relationship, we incorporate all of our planetary energies to some degree. For this piece, I would like to explore what I call the relationship quartetin partnership Astrology, better known as the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

All of us have these planets placed in our birth charts in one of the 12 zodiac signs. The style in which that planetary energy would most likely manifest, or be distributed is suggested by the particular sign which finds its home there. When one persons placements are compared with another, we start to derive a clearer picture of what the energy exchange” may look like.

The Moon: “Love is a House

If you ever need warmth or comfort, darling I’ll be here to hold you near. All I demand is you be my security. Love is a house, and you got the key.

– “Love is a House by The Force MDs.

In partnership Astrology, the Moon symbolizes our deepest emotional needs. Its one of the planets, along with Venus in the “intimacy network. When considering lunar dynamics between people, questions arise such as: Do I feel safe with you? Can I relax and be at home with you? Or even, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Our Moon signs say much about how were able to navigate the terrain of feelings and adjust ourselves to the instinctual fluctuations and reactions, to lifes ebbs and flows. Additionally, how

we nurture others, and the type of care that we require. Comparing Moon energies between two people raises questions surrounding sensitivity and responsiveness to the inner life of the participants, living arrangements and overall feelings of security and emotional compatibility.

Mercury: Tell Me If You Want Me To

But to my great surprise, ever since Ive looked in your eyes, I had one question for you…Tell me if you want me to, give you all my time….I want to make it good for you, cause you blow my mind. I promise boy that I’ll be true, youre the perfect find so tell me if you want me to

Tell me by Groove Theory

When it comes to overall compatibility, Mercury is an extremely underrated planet. As much as said about a meeting of the minds” and being on the same page, the winged messenger doesn’t get nearly enough of its just due. In plain language, Mercurial compatibility asks: Whats the vibe when we talk? Whats the subject matter of our conversations? Whats the style of the mutual process of exchanging ideas and information?

Understanding how Mercury functions in your chart as well as your partners can give you much needed insight as to why one of you wants to discuss feminism and the other NASCAR, and why this is or isn’t problematic. Also, why one of you may be the best listener in the world and the other can’t get a word in edgewise.

Venus: Come Share My Love

And I’ll give you all I have to give, all the love/all the joy/ my heart can give…hoping you will share the same with me. -“Come Share My Love by Miki Howard

Venus is the second planet in the intimacy network, and sharing is caring could definitely be the phrase that pays when describing the dynamic of its energy.

Venus is about relating to another person. Accommodating, inviting, charming and alluring. Its related to what we find beautiful and pleasing and what we enjoy. When we start to examine Venusian energy between partners we ask:

Do I like being around this person? Do we have fun together? “Is this a fair and equal partnership? “Do I find you attractive?What are the shared values in this relationship? Or equally important: “How do my partners values differ from mine?

How many of us know someone who said they weren’t a good match with someone because their tastes didn’t match? For this: check Venus out.

Mars: “Lets Talk About Sex

Lets talk about sex now/to the people at home or in the crowd/ it keeps coming up anyhow Dont be coy, avoid or make void the topic, cause that ain’t gonna stop it.

-“Lets Talk About Sex by Salt-NPepa

Passion. Heat. Raw, primal energy.

These are the themes which emerge when delving into the symbolism of the red planet.

Martian energy suggests the application of will, action and going after what we want. Mars’ sign provides clues on our different styles of doing this. The sexual energy level is also related to Mars, so if you want to explore if and how your partners libido cranks up, peep the planet.

Philosophically, we ask: Whats the sex game like? “How do we get angry and fight? Whats the m.o. for pursuing ones desires?

Along with Venus, Mars tops off the erotic potpourri, or as Astrologer Stephen Arroyo states:

The harmony (or lack of it) between ones own Venus and Mars energies and the Venus and Mars attunements of another person might be described as interpersonal emotional/erotic energy exchange.

Yeah…. It might be a long night.

Along with the relationship quartet, we have other planets and factors which make a significant contribution to synastry through augmentation, intensification or amelioration in both charts. Astrology should be understood holistically, as the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. This article is just a mere piece to the complex and ever unfolding puzzle called human chemistry.