Astrological Aspects to the Moon

Moon Face Circle Original

Moon-Mercury:  Speaking from the heart. Intuitive communication. Synthesis of intellect and feelings. Displaying emotional intelligence and acumen. Warmth in speech. The Hallmark card writer.

Moon-Venus: Social sensitivity. The cook who serves all of their friends comfort food. Warm and cozy relating. An individual that can successfully hide themselves in a crowd. Someone who can get “under your skin”, absorb and relate with a great deal of empathy.

Moon-Mars: Motivated by emotions. Sexual energy/drive is connected to moods and feelings. Nourished and comforted by Sex. Your moods can determine your desire to act and the application of your will. Potential to defend self with explosive tenacity.

Moon-Jupiter: Heightened and elevated emotions. Moving others with feeling; in an evangelical way. A jovial disposition and an optimistic outlook. Making learning acquisition of knowledge a “religion.” Showing reverence for freedom. Emotionally unrestricted. Suffering from intense pride and over inflating one’s emotional issues.

Moon-Saturn: A sense of emotional duty/responsibility. Heavy emotional burdens. Self-control. Emotional maturity. The grounding of feelings. Emotional isolation/blockages. Depression. Pessimistic outlook. Taking feelings seriously. A preserver of family traditions.

Moon-Uranus: One whose emotional fulfillment is connected to liberating themselves from cultural conditioning. Unconventional home life. One who wishes to deviate or rebel against the cookie cutter version of “security”. The “black sheep” of the family. A need to individuate, invent and put their unique stamp on their life.

Moon-Neptune: Permeable emotional life. Refined feelings. A need to transcend the mundane world. Drawn to spirituality and mystical experienced. Moved by poetry and music. A confusion about how one really feels. Self-deceiving or telling “white lies” when it comes to ones emotional life. Picking up on subtle emotional cues. Playing the victim, savior or the martyr.

Moon-Pluto: Digging deep into subconscious emotional life. Getting down to all of the ugly. Experiencing many emotional deaths/rebirths. Potential to rebuild/regenerate anew from tumultuous and even tragic emotional upheaval. Experiencing communion of the heart at the most intimate levels. One person’s trash is another person’s gold.

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