The North & South Node : Balancing The Axis

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As a professional Astrologer who interprets birth charts, I find the Moon’s nodes not only to be fascinating cosmic food for thought, but also to be an accurate and dynamic synthesizer of an individual’s planetary sub-personalities and overall life purpose. 

The North Node and South Node are mathematical points in space, they are not physical bodies. Unlike the planets, they add no “flavor” to the expression of the signs. However, they are one of the most important overall placements within a person’s natal chart. Locating the nodes is relatively easy, as the symbol of the South Node resembles upside down headphones, and the North Node looks like the same headphones right side up. Image

You will always find them separated by an 180 degree angle. So, the signs and houses always oppose one another (example: North Node in Capricorn in the 1st House= South Node in Cancer in the 7th House). 

If you flip through a typical traditional astrology text, you may indeed discover that the description of the nodes is ultra simplified. Almost as if the South Node is exclusively “bad” and should be avoided at all costs, while the North Node is “good” and by itself, the key to our kingdoms and queendoms.

This interpretation is very misleading and does not support the holistic philosophy of astrological integration. While there are no personality characteristics attached to these vital points, I would like to think of them as “evolutionary advice” or “cosmic counsel”.  Optimally, we are seeking to find the balance between the nodes in order to push ourselves to the locale of where our greatest growth strides can be found based on sign and house placement.

The South Node represents our past inheritance of skills and abilities. It’s the toolbox that we’ve already arrived in this world possessing. We’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it. However, if we simply keep repeating what we’ve done in the same fashion, we will find ourselves in a trap which offers us no new growth.

In turn, we will continue to produce the same results. That is, unless these South Node talents are used to assist us in moving toward our North Node. In our charts, the North Node’s sign tells us what “style” we would be best served to exhibit in pursuit of our new life direction. The house location lets us know the life area where we should direct our focus.

The North Node is foreign to us; it’s a stretch and a hurdle. If the South Node is a slam dunk, then the North Node is a three pointer.

However, with a robust effort and a commitment to making growth choices in our lives, the North Node and any planets which form aspects to it, assist us in our quest for wholeness. In essence, the key to our kingdoms and queendoms is not the outright abandonment of one node in feverish pursuit of the other, but a blending and synthesis of both nodal energies.

Re-packaging The South Node


What you’re looking at above is a photo of my elementary school located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This morning, after a brief meditation, I started thinking about my writing. Today, I came to the conclusion that I just needed to let my right brain flow freely and catapult whatever story came to me out into the atmosphere.

This past summer, as a result of returning to my uncle’s funeral in South Bend, Indiana, which is where I was born, I was able to return to Rio Grande for the first time in at nearly 25 years. It felt like a closure of sorts but also, I was reminded of the memories, lessons and socialization which came from my past, which in Astrology, is represented by the South Node. Incidentally,  during this trip, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were all located in Cancer, and my South Node is in Cancer.

Often in reading about the nodal axis, the perspectives which we receive can be somewhat distorted. After all, the nodes are an axis which requires a balancing. It doesn’t seem to be in the interest of equilibrium that we virtually disown one node in fervent pursuit of what the other represents.

When it comes to our birth charts in general, HOW we decide to use what’s present can make all of the difference in the world, and our South Nodes are no exception to this rule. In fact, the South node suggests where we’re EXTREMELY TALENTED because we’re so in tune with and familiar with what that energy represents.

One of the keys to navigating the nodal axis is to draw on these strengths from the past as a means for supporting our future as suggested by the North Node.

So, there’s strength in the South Node, but it must be consciously applied in new directions and endeavors. The question then becomes: How can I take what I’ve learned and re-structure its expression to continuously create fresh experience?

There’s a “comfort zone” present as suggested by our South Nodes, and if we continue to use our resources in the way they’ve always been used, we may find ourselves “stuck”. The way to release this is to understand that our gifts simply need to be re-packaged for what is arguably a more constructive and effective use.

What’s your Nodal Axis? What are your innate talents? How can your strengths from the past be integrated with new energy which seeks expression?