Relationship Astrology: Sun-Saturn Contacts


In synastry (relationship astrology), when one person’s Saturn aspects another’s Sun, or vice versa, there are a myriad of potentials. The Sun symbolizes our creative flow, the fuel that sustains our life force, vitality and well being. Saturn represents responsibility, work, integrity, delays, limits and controls.

With this dynamic interplay, one may experience the partner as a grounding influence. Someone with whom they feel a solid sense of stability with a mutual commitment to work and concrete accomplishment.

It could be that one feels a sense of duty or obligation to one’s partner; that one feels responsible for preserving the integrity of the relationship. To be in it “for the long haul”.

On the flip side, one could feel like their identity being stifled and repressed as a result of interacting with their partner.

As if there’s an attempt by the other to ‘manage’ their sense of self-expression.  There could also be a sense of envy associated with this synastric aspect where, because of unsuccessful attempts on one partner’s behalf to control the other, they result to weighty criticism or belittlement as an extension of their authority.

This aspect suggests potential for a long-term union, and as with any other aspect, much rests upon the maturity of the individuals involved.