Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon: Stringer Bell The Businessman & Avon Barksdale The Gangster


©2015 by Sagittarian Mind Consulting

For anyone who’s into “The Wire’, which was one of the best shows on television as far as I’m concerned, you need look no further than Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale to understand the Capricorn Sun/Aries Moon combination.

The Capricorn archetype symbolizes all things administrative. Getting things done systematically and strategically in a businesslike fashion. With the Sun located here, one is fueled by ambition. The thought of seeing one’s efforts manifest into tangible form is a maintainer of life energy. To feel as if one has their vitality, they must see the fruits of their labor via a time-tested structure of some sort, or rise to the heights of status, being the “power behind the throne.”

The Moon in Aries reflects the light of the Capricorn Sun revealing a personality that wants to make things happen and be first in some facet of life. Both signs want to get things done, one for status and another for sheer IMPACT, which explains the inherent tension and stressful relationship between the two.

This combination can produce an individual who acts based on calculated risks and maintains immense courage in the face of adversity, or one who impulsively throws their hard work away because their knee jerk reactions tell them they need to constantly be on top.

When I saw this scene, I immediately thought about the two forces battling within the psyche of those who share this combination.

Stringer tells Avon “If you call the shot, We’re at war” and “I’m there like I’ve always been.”

This much is true, but it’s clear that the two have different approaches. One directly active, and the other more strategic. Capricorn says:” let’s do business and make our resources work for us.” While Aries says: “Let’s take what’s ours.”

The optimal use of this combination is the integration of the two.