Respecting A Professional Astrologer’s Time & Labor


I want to choose my words carefully as not to come across abrasive.

I can only speak for myself as an Astrologer, but I’m hoping that those of you who inhabit social media on a regular basis that have a habit of showing (via Facebook or other forums, etc…) or tweeting your ENTIRE chart to professional Astrologers understand what you’re asking them to do.

In essence, you’re asking them to stop whatever it is that they’re doing and take time out to look at and analyze your PERSONAL chart and to satisfy YOUR curiosity, and you’re not offering anything to compensate them.


My questions to those of you who do this would be (1) what is your investment in yourself? and (2) what’s your investment in that particular Astrologer, whose time, labor and energy you expect to benefit from?

Once again, only speak for myself, but it’s important that people understand the difference between general questions, and the fiercely loaded questions that are sometimes asked on social media that are MUCH more effectively addressed in a consultation setting.

Outside of basic Astrology questions, anything that requires me to break out my software is consultation related unless I’m sending charts to individuals, which is a free service that I provide from time to time.

And, I want to say to my fellow Astrologers that I hope you don’t allow a guilt complex to allow you to be used up by people who never plan on giving you a dime. Or, sometimes, even a thank you.

Please understand that Astrologers aren’t “performers” who you can just summon on a whim or demand information from. I really hope some of you aren’t thinking along those lines. In my mind, not only is that disrespectful to the practitioner, but it shows a lack of self-respect as well.

Keep in mind that a lot of Astrologers give a lot of good, FREE info out of the kindness of their hearts, and they don’t have to. So, for anyone to show an attitude of entitlement is egregious.

This is just some food for thought about understanding what genuine exchange does and doesn’t mean, and it DOESN’T mean that you tweet an astrologer your chart and loaded questions and just sit back and wait for an answer.

It’s all “well and good” to be curious as to someone’s “insight” on parts of your chart, but I’m sure that particular astrologer is “curious” whether you plan on compensating them for their time and labor as well. So, that makes two of you.

I hope this is received in the spirit in which it was written. Please understand that in order to address deeply personal questions as related to the contents of your birth chart, it requires a consultation, and YES- MONEY. This is the reality of the situation.

All of you who are reading this know that if you showed up to your particular job and they told you they wanted you to work, even for just that day, without compensation, you would walk right out that door. Please consider that the next time you hit an Astrologer up with your entire birth chart because you’re “curious”.

If you’re serious, the appropriate course of action would be to contact the Astrologer and ask them if they have a list of services available with the cost included.

Understand that there are a myriad of resources that you can use to do your own research, and i have a list of at least 150 (or more) astrology books that I can tweet or e-mail to you at any given time. I have NO problem whatsoever pointing you in the direction of resources that I’ve found to be particularly helpful.

If you really need help, or you really want to know what a specific astrological event, configuration, etc… means specifically for you, by all means, please get a consultation. I don’t work for free, and neither do any of my colleagues that I know of.

To respect an Astrologer’s time and labor is to show appreciation.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is between a general question and one that requires a consultation from my vantage point, I’ve outlined it for you.

The difference:

General questions: When does Mercury Retrograde begin/end? What does Mars symbolize in one’s birth chart? When does Uranus go into Taurus? How long will Chiron be in Aries? What’s the meaning of the 9th house?

Consultation questions: I have a cardinal t-square with the Sun, Moon and Pluto all involved. I’m trying to repair the relationships with the Women in my lives and grow spiritually. Any thoughts on that?  I have a Venus-Saturn conjunction and I feel anxiety in relationships because I’m often unsure of my self-worth. What can I do?

If anyone was unsure about how questions are handled, both online and off, from this Professional Astrologer’s point of view, I hope this article adds full clarity as to my position.

Also,  if any colleagues of mine are reading this and may be feeling somewhat frustrated and even taken advantage of, due to the current state of affairs concerning Astrology and social media platforms, I hope this article can assist you in clarifying your position and embracing the worth of your work as a professional in a more serious manner.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels