Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon


Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked: “If we live truly, we shall see truly.”  Such a sentiment is vividly illustrated in the Virgo/Scorpio Sun/Moon blend.

To become self-actualized as the ultimate “efficiency expert” and a useful servant to humanity, it’s essential that you purge the toxins which have accumulated in your heart;  eliminating emotional responses which are obsolete and no longer serve you.

The precision of your perception can split hairs. Within you, boils an innate desire to improve anything you come into contact with, focusing on how it may operate more skillfully.

If conscious attention and effort is applied to recognition and development your talents, the skills are present to leave this world much better than you found it, and you should never forget the fact that THIS STARTS WITH AND INCLUDES YOU.

Think of yourself as a jigsaw puzzle which you constantly take apart, but it becomes less tedious and more natural to reassemble every time you do it. Although it may seem like a “trial by fire”, understanding the way you tick at your deepest, most ‘raw” level is how you feed yourself. When you clean out the clutter, starting at the root,  you prosper.

Photo by i love simple beyond from Pexels


Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon


*Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Virgo”

Serenity is what your soul craves. In the deepest recesses of your heart, a peaceful existence is what fulfills you. The experience of your senses and using your physical body as a vehicle for enjoyment may come naturally to you.


What fuels you and where your aspirations lie, are in the arena of improvement of yourself and others. Your radiance shines through when you serve others via a skill or part of yourself which you feel that you’ve “perfected”.  However, there can be a constant, nagging feeling that something is always wrong.

Having this Sun/Moon combination, one of the lessons which needs to be digested is: even when you have a system seems to be functioning optimally, you can’t lean on it forever. Life and YOU are still up for continuous assessment and you have the ability to do so while accepting your flaws.

The part of you which wants to relax and revel in life, and the one that wants to “do better” can be at variance and need to find a way to create a friendship where dual needs are addressed and honored. Until this happens, you may be consistently questioning whether you’re having too much fun at the expense of your development, or you may even view the enjoyment of life as a hindrance to your progress instead of a part of a well-integrated human being.

Think more about producing concrete results and less about your work being pristine and flawless and you’ll find that solid, steady progress is being made in the way of your endeavors. In love, enjoy the one you’re with. Appreciate the person inside for who they truly are while curbing the urge to refine them based on your vision of the relationship.