What Are Some Potential Strengths of The Zodiac Signs?

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Aries: Bold assertion of life-force. Direct confrontation of obstacles.

Taurus; Groundedness. Enjoyment of the body. Building and maintaining secure structures. Assessing value.

Gemini: Intellectual versatility. Social dexterity. Insatiable curiosity. Gathering and distributing information.

Cancer; Emotional connectivity. Meeting the unspoken needs of others. Therapeutic warmth. Nurturing capacity. Acute intuition.

Leo: Charismatic presentation of self. Noble generosity of inspirational light.

Virgo: Analytic precision. Intellectual discrimination. Improvement orientation. The ability to be useful.

Libra: Adaptability. Interest in others. Cooperation. Social refinement.

Scorpio: Intensity of insight. Willingness to travel in the dark and plumb the depths of life experience.

Sagittarius: Holistic understanding. Comprehensive viewpoints. Life-affirming philosophy. Thirst for knowledge.

Capricorn: Preparation. Administrative Organization.  Master strategist.  Ability to delay short term gratification in service of long-term objectives.

Aquarius: Questioning social conventions. Ability to convey progressive humanitarian ideals.

Pisces: The ability to merge with spiritual forces. Capacity for unconditional love. Flowing with life’s currents. The “mirroring” effect.

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