The Astrological Sun : “Warm It Up”



Speaking from both an astrological and astronomical point of view, the Sun is our light.

When applied to our birth charts, the Sun is symbolic of our center. Our core. It’s the conscious SELF we’re striving to become. The fuel we need to embody our life purpose.

Most of us have been introduced to Astrology via the Sun sign variety.

While it’s widely recognized that just knowing our Sun signs alone does not constitute a complete picture of us, the fact still remains that everything contained within our birth charts is ultimately aimed to serve the aspirations of what our Sun signs represent on one level or another.

One of the misconceptions that I’d like to clear up about being born under a certain sign is that it doesn’t automatically MAKE us anything.

Quite often, the Sun signs’ placement tends to be interpreted more on a character than an archetypal level.

We’re not magically endowed with certain personality traits just because we happen to be a Sagittarius, Libra or Cancer.  However, for a lifetime, our quest or pilgrimage will reflect different variations of Sagittarian, Libran and Cancerian themes.

What our Sun’s (as any other astrological placements) indicate is POTENTIAL.  An opportunity for us to “major” in that sign’s energy, aspirations and curriculum throughout a lifetime.

Not only does the Sun provide light, but it also provides HEAT and WARMTH, and it SHINES.

Our Sun sign suggests the manner in which we’re being asked to “warm it up” in our lives. To make ourselves known and express the authenticity of our being.

If we’re asking ourselves questions which surround how we’re special and the unique brand of potentials which we need to develop to become self-realized, and the channel through which we need to create and radiate, we need to pay close attention to our Sun sign.

In order for us to feel “alive” and sane, it’s important that we constructively, actively and  consciously express our Sun Sign’s redeeming qualities.

When we view our Sun as a goal to aspire to, rather than one which is already achieved, our entire birth chart and worldview becomes increasingly more dynamic.


One thought on “The Astrological Sun : “Warm It Up”

  1. Sun in Sagittarius
    Moon in Leo
    MC Sagittarius
    Venus Sagittarius

    And all of it is amplified from all the air in my chart .. barely any water … let’s just say writing and music is my coping skill with my bottled emotions

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