Sagittarius, Dating & Relationships : A Deeper Look at The Archer


If we’ve read enough sun sign columns, we’re familiar with both the constructive and the dysfunctional expressions of all 12 zodiac signs. We’re also well acquainted with each sign’s reputation when certain behavioral inclinations are concerned. The passionate intensity of Scorpio, the analytic precision of Virgo or the acute intuition of Cancer just to name a few.

So….. what about Sagittarius? You ask….

For whatever reasons, the Archer seems to have gained a reputation among the zodiac as the perpetual bachelor or bachelorette. The sign which prefers to stay free and unencumbered versus preferring a steady, long-term relationship or marriage.

I make the case, however, that there’s much more to this scenario than the ink written on the pages of these sun sign columns can tell us. We must adjust our thinking to a broader level to appreciate not a fragment of, but the entire Sagittarian archetype.

In much of the Astrological literature I come across, when Sagittarius is being analyzed, there seems to be a direct correlation made between the Centaur’s desire and need for freedom and the inability to commit to a long-term partnership.

If we examine Sagittarius on a deeper level, I think we’ll find that the lesser question is : “Why can’t Sagittarians commit?” and the greater question is: “What type of relationship encourages the Archer to explore long range possibilities?”

Most of us learned in “Research Methods 101” that the manner in which a question is asked predetermines the range of possible answers. If the question is: “Why can’t Sagittarians commit?” It automatically excludes the possibility of them being capable of committing to a partnership.

NOTE: This article is not only applicable to those with the Sun placed in Sagittarius, but also those with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus,Mars) in the sign as well as Sagittarius rising.

Much of what’s written could also apply to those whose chart suggests a strong Jupiterian influence such as Jupiter placed in Sagittarius, in the 1st house, in major aspect to any of the personal planets and the Ascendant.

The Sagittarius Archetype

When analyzing Sagittarius, we must first consider the symbolism. Half Woman/Man and half beast. A Centaur or an Archer pointing its arrow emphatically upward into the vastness of the universe.

This entire picture broadcasts both the need for the arrow of thoughts and ideas to fly free through the open cosmos and the body to remain comfortably rooted in its animal nature. Sagittarius isn’t as much seeking to transcend his or her physicality as they are intent on successfully integrating it into the totality of their being.

The 9th sign of the zodiac seeks to find a deeper meaning in BOTH functions as a vehicle for constructing a personal philosophy. Sagittarius wants to take heed to the words of Paulo Coelho and “learn to recognize omens and follow them.” The Archer possesses an insatiable thirst for life experience and an enthusiasm for following his or her personal legend.


For Sagittarius, where partnerships are concerned, it’s not so much a matter of whether or not they have the ability to commit, but rather WHAT they would potentially be committing TO.

When discussing Sags, Astrologer Steven Forrest once alluded to the concept of love being hard on the freedom that the archer so desperately needs- and it CAN be. However, it doesn’t HAVE to be soul draining.

One of the keys to relationship success for the Centaur is ruthless self-honesty regarding their own relationship needs. Especially when it comes to personal space.

Now, this “space” is not a free pass to go off half cocked and undermine the fundamental trust and integrity on which a solid, healthy relationship is based, but rather the freedom to think big thoughts; to dream about large scale ventures and contemplate life’s enormous questions. After all, this is the way of the Philosophical wiring which comes with the assembly of so many Sags.

If Sag finds the type of partner that understands this system and recognizes the importance of his/her life journey, they’re MORE than willing to commit. You may even catch one of them with bells on!! Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green writes the following about Venus in Sagittarius, which could be applied to any personal placement:

” The Venus in Sagittarius person is fundamentally restless, and is committed to the value of personal freedom to pursue any experience they deem necessary in order to discover and actualize themselves. The need for freedom permeates these people , and they generally will not tolerate any condition or constraint that inhibits their independence or freedom.

When such conditions or constraints exist, the Venus in Sagittarius person will progressively feel an inner alienation from those conditions or constraints, and the psychology or alienation becomes a causal factor or determinant in separating, at least inwardly from those conditions or constraints.”


” In their intimate relationships, the Venus in Sagittarius person is forever needing and trying to balance their need for independence within the context of their relationship. Because these people have an almost absolute need for perpetual growth within themselves, they need and desire an intimate other who is also committed to personal growth.

This will then allow for the dynamics within the relationship to be defined by a mutual commitment to growth. in effect, these individuals need to be in a relationship where there’s an ongoing sense of adventure.

The Venus in Sagittarius person will simply experience a deep alienation from their partner when the relationship has degenerated into a stale, static routine. They need a partner who can mirror and reflect their own reality of intellectual and philosophical pondering. A partner with whom they can interact in this way at an equal level.

The Venus in Sagittarius person needs this  kind of  intellectual or philosophical stimulation and to be periodically challenged by their partner through such types of discussions. When this occurs, they will have a tremendous amount of respect for their partner, and will sustain their enthusiasm  for the relationship. When this does not occur, then they lose respect for the partner and become progressively alienated.”

A long time ago, I remember reading an Astrology book that said something to the effect of: ” to attract Sagittarius, you’ll need to act like you overdosed on positive affirmation tapes.” I had to laugh when I read that because it gives form to the potent thrust of Sagittarius’ buoyancy.

THIS is part of the package that Sagittarius is willing to commit to: life-affirming optimism, vitality;  a sense of the next physical or intellectual adventure just around the corner:

“By nature, the Venus in Sagittarius person needs levity, humor, lightness and optimism to pervade their intimate relationship. If their with a partner who is constantly too serious or withdrawn, this will also become a causal factor in creating a state of alienation and withdrawl  from such a partner.

They will naturally encourage the independent actualization and will develop a deepening respect for their partners who independently actualize their own life purposes. They will not respect a partner who just wants to hang on to them without developing their own identity or life purpose, or a partner who attempts to restrict their need for necessary freedom and independence.”

The Other Side of The Game

Since we’ve hopefully come to the conclusion that Sagittarius, like every other sign of the zodiac, is capable of fulfilling, long-term commitment, now it’s time to discuss what can potentially hold the Centaur back, where the Archer’s arrow misfires.

Polarized and Dogmatic Thinking

One of the dysfunctional expressions of Sagittarius energy is to listen and hear only through the filter of their own beliefs. When operating unproductively, there’s a tendency to to create a black and white scenario surrounding relationships. So, Sags feel like they’re either free as a bird floating in the crisp summer air or hopelessly bound to the ole ball and chain.


What the Archer needs to realize is that relationships require mutual sacrifice.

M-U-T-U-A-L sacrifice.

The Centaur can easily sabotage the ideal partnership he/she is seeking to create through a refusal to, as Paulo Coelho says: “to accept love as a stimulus.” The immature and underdeveloped Sagittarius sees love as a THREAT to his/her freedom; as something that’s going to deduct from them rather than add breadth and richness to their spectrum of life. Whereas the more mature version of the Archer, who has learned much from experience employs his/her openness as a means to grasp the supports that are being offered:

“If he has the courage to unearth his dreams, he then faces a second obstacle: love. He now knows what he desires to do, but he thinks he will harm those around him if he gives everything up to follow his dreams.

He does not understand that love is an additional impulse, not something which hinders one from going forward. he does not understand that those who truly wish him well are longing for his happiness and are ready to accompany him on his adventure.”

The Grass is Always Greener/Overly Futuristic Reverend “Do Good” Syndrome

“But….If I decide on THIS, what if something “better” comes along?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this question hasn’t touched the brain waves of almost every Sagittarius infused individual. However, a potentially better question which garners consideration is:

“What are YOU doing in the HERE and NOW to make your CURRENT situation better?” It’s a classic Sagittarian pitfall to be so captivated by future possibilities that they’re tripping themselves up in the moment:

“Sagittarius is the sign most likely to be oblivious to the realities right in front of them that are obvious to everyone else because they are so focused on the distant goal. Since the road to hell is paved with good intentions, Sagittarius people need to be sure that their goals and ideals are grounded in what is truly possible.

They DO need a large guiding vision to motivate them in life, but they also need times of self-examination to assess whether they are themselves living up to their ideals. They like to preach to others (usually “helpfully” in their view), but if something doesn’t work out, well… that isn’t their problem. Sagittarius people rather dislike the heaviness of daily “reality” and personal or emotional problems.”

Sagittarius: here’s the bottom line. You’re natural, healthy idealism need not take a “hit” just because you’ve made the mature choice to temper it with a much needed dose of grounding and common sense. You must be painfully honest with yourself in regard to your vision for a partnership, as to not mislead others who may not want or need such and arrangement. What you choose to commit to is totally yours, but it’s important for you to know the “raw material” you’re working with in your psyche.

When it’s all said and done, it’s up to you to create a situation which honors your need(s) for independence, intellectual stimulation, levity and personal growth. While simultaneously accepting love as a stimulus and support. Recognizing a good thing when you see it and creating room for your partnership to play an integral role on your quest to follow your personal legend.

References: Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo, Pluto: Volume II : The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Paulo Coelho’s “Talks With My Master” (1982-1990).

Cancer The Crab: “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

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With the Sun or any personal planets in Cancer, your life energy is connected to “homeland security”.

This can be a physical dwelling or the “home” inside yourself which constitutes your inner radar and the deepest recesses of your being.

Typically, when Cancer is mentioned, there is an emphasis on family, but it needs to be stated that roots can be both biological and ideological in nature.

When we take a closer look at the crab, it all makes sense….

The crab is covered with a thick exoskeleton, also known as the hard shell that protects the body, and we surely can’t forget about the single pair of claws. This is in contrast to the soft interior which we don’t readily get to see.

Consider yourself to be fortunate if you get to experience the warmth and tender kindness contained within the heart of a Cancerian type.

There’s potential to  experience a soft attentive touch and have  your unspoken needs met. However, be sure to reciprocate.

It’s not that Cancer displays an intentional “moodiness”, but when they feel as if they’ve taken care of everyone else and it’s been unacknowledged, or there’s no reciprocation, that’s when the “claws” are most likely to manifest.  !!

Take a listen to Boog Brown’s “Detroit”, as she speaks about the city of her birth. Cancerian energy suggests roots and origins; the sentimentality of having a place to belong.

“Home is where the heart is regardless of how dark it is.”

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon

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Your path to higher knowledge  has the potential to be realized via your genuine emotional connections with others.

Through exhibiting  your capacity for warmth and nurturing, you’re able to serve as a sensitive teacher. An individual which creates avenues of intimate trust in order to disseminate wisdom gained through experience.

The natal placement of the Sun in Sagittarius suggests that the fuel which ignites your life force and sustains vitality is comprised of the freedom to explore and travel spiritually, intellectually and physically.

To shoot arrows of broad and free flying thought into the universe, asking the large scale questions which surround life’s meaning and illicit a panoramic search for truth.

You can span the globe by plane and or indulge yourself  in “foreign” ways of thinking, philosophies and belief systems, with the hope of broadening one’s scope on life to form a more eclectic and comprehensive world view.

The Sagittarian fuel is used by the Cancerian Moon  to reflect a personality form in which emotional security is a primary need.

In this case, emotional security is defined as :

a peaceful existence and a measure of stability in one’s feelings. The feeling safety which results from an environment which is supportive and non-threatening. Also, one which encourages open displays of love, affection and care.

With this Sun/Moon blend, not only is it important that you feelings be honored and respected, but also, your opinions and philosophical outlook. You must be supported in your quest to ask the large scale questions about the workings of the universe.

The placement of the Moon in Cancer suggests that fulfillment of your life potential resides in forging sincere, heartfelt alliances.

Forming bonds with a biological or ideological “family” which will allow you to display your potential gifts of emotional intelligence, acute intuition, and depth of feeling.

This blend has the potential to work well in that:

the gentle Cancer approach refines the strong thrust of Sagittarian intellect and also opens its channels to understand subtle undercurrents which can permeate one’s environment.

Conversely, the Sagittarian penchant for expansion provides a solid balance to the introverted energies of Cancer, which allows one to display what’s contained “in the shell” in a more outward fashion when necessary.

Astrologer Grant Lewi on the Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon Blend :

“This is a highly intuitive, poetic, and sensitive position with an adaptability that  makes it possible for you to use your abilities in almost any field that you want to. Whether you select a business, professional or artistic career, you are likely to master and understand it.  

You are capable of broad abstractions of thought- and of understanding details of philosophy- and hard business sense. When you are thinking clearly you can see through anyone or anything.”

“In all things -studies, business, love, ideas, philosophies- you should seek for depth rather than distance. In business, seek soundness rather than brilliance; in creation as in the arts, quality rather than quantity; in love, concentration rather than variety.

You will find the the reward of your great abilities and your high ideology directly in proportion as you concentrate and refuse to scatter your energies.”

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, has the potential to elevate whatever it comes in contact with, and the lunar energies, as exhibited by Cancer, are no exception.  One could say that the qualities associated with the Moon could be brought to the pinnacle of their potential, or exaggerated and distorted beyond belief.

With a sincere, straight shooting arrow, you can find the ultimate freedom in allowing your feelings to flow. This includes allowing yourself to be vulnerable in letting others know just how much they mean to you.

Through a wide ranging mind and rich faculties of imagination, painting a picture which motivates the spirit and stirs the fires of the heart is something you can do if you’re willing to aspire to understand the emotional framework of others as well as seek to reveal your sweet, tender  interior underneath your solid covering.

It’s essential that you recognize and become well acquainted with the archetypal feminine (yin) energies which occupy your heart center, as they relate to the expression of the yang. This applies to both Women and Men alike, as the “masculine” and “feminine” are determined not by an absolute, but rather by a relative predominance of one set of characteristics over the other.

By way of the Cancer archetype, your Sagittarian energy can radiate throughout the grandeur of the cosmos.

References: “Heaven Knows What” by Grant Lewi, “The Symbolic Quest” by Edward C. Whitmont

Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon

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In a birth chart, when the Sun and Moon are placed in Sagittarius the core life energy which fuels the individual and the essential needs of the personality are inseparable.

The Sun’s placement in Sagittarius suggests that the person is stimulated by the freedom to influence and shape thought via free exchange of ideas, philosophies and opinions. There’s an inclination to view the world holistically, wanting to “take in” as much as possible through a broad, panoramic view.

The Sagittarius Moon uses the light and fuel of the Sun to reflect a personality who needs to have their perspectives taken seriously; to have their views respected.  

This lunar placement suggests an emotional need to stretch barriers and boundaries and to shoot their arrows of thought into the realm of the unknown fused with the optimism that there will be new and progressive discoveries made. 

Expansion in ALL forms serves as nourishment for lunar Sagittarians. A narrow or restrictive existence is an abomination to their principles.

Speaking of principles, it would help those with this Sun-Moon blend to understand this: the same freedom and justice which they so passionately fight for must be given to others who are on a quest for establishing THEIR own set of principles and philosophy of life.

When operating dysfunctionally, an individual with this Sun-Moon blend is capable of exhibiting the most hypocritical, inflated and self-righteous behavior. 

The vast, broad overview somehow shrinks into a dogmatic and subjective bastion of “exclusive” belief. It’s as if arriving at “truth” has only ONE formula and they’re the ONLY one who is in possession of the secret concoction.

This pride, manifesting at times as a rather exalted view of oneself (perhaps as the only one who can reveal the “truth”) , is part of the dualistic nature of Sagittarius, the symbol for which is the centaur- half horse and half human. Sagittarius has the lifelong task of integrating their more idealistic nature with their more unrefined, impulsive, egocentric tendencies.”

“They often think too highly of themselves and want to project an admirable image to others.

They like to feel idealistic and upstanding, but if they look at themselves honestly, they often have to admit that they are not as impeccably honorable as they like to think; for they can rationalize their behavior as well as anyone when it is convenient or advantageous to do so.”

A constructive use of this Sun-Moon blend is to teach and assist others in casting just as wide of a net for their OWN lives as they do for themselves.

To accept others with the open arms that they expect the wide world to embrace them with. To spread infectious enthusiasm in allowing others to find their personal truths rather than forcibly creating a ready made version for them. To realize that the Sagittarian higher mind not only has it’s roots in intellectual exploration, but also in human tolerance.

Reference: Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility by Stephen Arroyo (Frog, Ltd. Books)


Taurus Sun, Leo Moon: The Risk of Authenticity

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  “Any real change implies the break up of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave one identity, the end of safety. And at such a moment, unable to see and not daring to imagine what the future will now bring forth, one clings to what one knew, or thought one knew; to what one possessed or dreamed that one possessed. Yet it is only when man is able, without bitterness or self pity to surrender a dream he has long cherished, or a privilege he has long possessed,that he is set free-that he has set himself free- for higher dreams, for greater privileges.”

-James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

The word change is defined in Webster’s dictionary as [1] To make different in some particular. [2] To make radically different: transform and [3] To give a position, course or direction to. It’s my contention  that in order to embrace our authenticity, we must become acquainted with change in some form and hone our ability to navigate those waters. This undoubtedly requires risk. To truly be who we are and validate ourselves sans outside approval requires a tremendous amount of patience and intestinal fortitude. The combination of a Taurus Sun and Leo Moon serves as an accurate illustrator of the path of internal certification. On a general level, the combination of these two signs implies a relationship of dynamic or developmental tension. This means when they’re synthesized the most significant growth can  emerge via periods of crisis, upheaval or intense circumstances which demand that we make very clear progression or regression choices. In an individual birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Taurus and the Moon in Leo, the core life energy is geared toward safety and security; the maintenance of stability. Keeping things as they are with relatively few surprises is the prevailing order of the day. The Venus ruled Taurean energy is also stimulated by pleasure and the enjoyment of creature comforts which awaken and stir the senses. As an earth sign, the bull wants something they can “grab a hold of”  to point to as a symbol of certainty, whether it’s a career, relationship or money in the bank. The Leo Moon uses the Taurus Sun’s light to reflect an individual whose personality needs consist of identity validation, approval,  and the recognition and fundamental appreciation of their uniqueness. All of these emotional needs are ingredients to the puzzle of self esteem:

“Self esteem is the disposition to experience oneself as competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and as worthy of happiness.”

In order to be emotionally fulfilled, the Moon in Leo person must feel as if they have the necessary tools to not only “cope” as an individual,  but to flourish. With Leo’s sense of self-importance, there’s no “just getting by”. If that were to be the case, they might be viewed as “ordinary”, and in their book, that’s something too be avoided at all costs:

Needing to live up to a big and rather dramatized image of themselves, the Leo Moon person can be rather a show off. But they do it with such innocence and high expectations that they are often forgiven for their tendency toward self absorption and dramatization.”

When these Sun/Moon energies are blended, the tension which exists vacillates from wanting to keep conditions the same to desiring a growth and advance in the personality. A balance is required to maximize this placement. Stability of the most basic sort is required in our lives. However, part of acquiring self-esteem is the ability to successfully adjust to changes. To drop the script, act or image of this “big” person that you’ve convinced yourself that you need to embody and get on with the business of being yourself. If this path of authenticity is sought with great effort, the individual has the potential to be warmly inspiring and supportive to others who are also on their quest for self-actualization. In Nathaniel Branden’s book “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem”, there’s a rundown of some basic ways self-esteem manifests in ourselves and others, many of which I deem applicable to the optimum use of the Taurus Sun/Leo Moon combination:

“Self-esteem expresses itself in a face, manner and way of talking and moving that projects the pleasure one takes in being alive. It expresses itself in an ease in talking of accomplishments or shortcomings with directness and honesty, since one is in friendly relationship to facts. It expresses itself in the comfort one experiences in giving and receiving compliments, expressions of affection, appreciation and the like. It expresses itself in an openness to criticism and a comfort about acknowledging mistakes because one’s self esteem is not tied to an image of “being perfect.”

“It expresses itself in one’s comfort with assertive (not belligerent) behavior in oneself and others. It expresses itself in an ability to preserve a quality of harmony and dignity under conditions of stress.”

Stability does not have to be synonymous with sameness or inertia. The highest compliment the Sun-Moon blend of Taurus and Leo can bestow upon the universe is to embrace taking the risks which come with the pursuit of authenticity and to implement personal changes over time which will allow them to meet the demands of genuine self-esteem. References: “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden; “Person To Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatibility” by Stephen Arroyo

How Can I Learn More About Astrology? Building Your Astrological Library

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“From every book invisible threads reach out to other books; and as the mind comes to use and control those threads the whole panorama of the world’s life, past and present, becomes constantly more varied and interesting, while at the same time the mind’s own powers of reflection and judgment are exercised and strengthened.” -Helen E. Haines

One of the most frequent questions that I receive is: “What books can I read if I want to learn more about astrology?”   In this post, I would like to do my part by offering up some suggestions.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I would say that any avid seeker of astrological information and knowledge, at any level can benefit from these titles. I have not placed the books in any particular order, but they range from the basic Sun sign variety to books which explain more complex and sophisticated astrological techniques. I hope you enjoy and I wish you well on your cosmic journey.


(1) Astrology: A Cosmic Science – Isabel Hickey
(2) The Astrology of Self-Discovery – Tracy Marks
(3) Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements – Stephen Arroyo
(4) Choice Centered Astrology: The Basics- Gail Fairfield
(5) Chart Interpretation Handbook – Stephen Arroyo
(6) Heaven Knows What- Grant Lewi
(7) Astrology For The Millions- Grant Lewi
(8) Horoscope Symbols- Robert Hand
(9) The Inner Sky- Steven Forrest
(10) Mythic Astrology- Ariel Guttman
(11) Mythic Astrology Applied- Ariel Guttman
(12) Susie’s Sun Sign- Susie Cox
(13) Relating- Liz Greene
(14) Parker’s Astrology- Derek & Julia Parker
(15) Person Centered Astrology- Dane Rudhyar
(16) The Astrology of Personality- Dane Rudhyar

(17) The Only Way To Learn Astrology Vol I – March & McEvers

(18) Astrology, Karma and Transformation- Stephen Arroyo

(19) Phoenix Rising: The Astrological Pluto – Haydn Paul
(20) Healing Pluto Problems- Donna Cunningham
(21) The Book of Pluto- Steven Forrest
(22) The 12 Houses- Howard Sasportas
(23) Practicing The Cosmic Science- Stephen Arroyo
(24) Relationships & Life Cycles- Stephen Arroyo
(25) Cycles of Becoming – Alexander Ruperti
(26) The Changing Sky- Stephen Forrest
(27) The Gods of Change- Howard Sasportas
(28) Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology- Steven Forrest
(29) The 12th House – Tracy Marks
(30) The Magic Thread- Richard Idemon
(31) Through The Looking Glass – Richard Idemon
(32) The Development of The Personality- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(33) Dynamics of The Unconscious- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(34) The Inner Planets- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene

(35) Destiny In The Birthchart- Howard Sasportas
(36) The Luminaries- Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene
(37) Retrograde Planets- Erin Sullivan
(38) Astrology For Lovers- Liz Greene
(39) Saturn in Transit- Erin Sullivan
(40) The Mars Book- Donna Van Toen
(41) Astrology For The Soul- Jan Spiller
(42) Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of The Soul- Jeff Green
(43) Solar Arcs – Noel Tyl
(44) Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology – Noel Tyl
(45) The A-Z Horoscope Maker & Delineator- Llewellyn George
(46) Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology- Alan Oken
(47) Archetypes of The Zodiac- Kathleen Burt
(48) The Art of Chart Interpretation- Tracy Marks
(49) Visionary Dreamer: The Astrological Neptune- Hadyn Paul
(50) The Astrologer’s Handbook- Sakoian & Acker

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(51) Transits Simplified- Sakoian & Acker
(52) The Art of Synthesis- Alan Leo
(53) Astrological Insights Into Personality- Betty Lundsted
(54) Aspects in Astrology- Sue Tompkins
(55) Astrological Aspects- Jeane Avery
(56) An Astrological Triptych- Dane Rudhyar
(57) Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs- Linda Goodman
(58) Astrology & Consciousness- Rio Olesky
(59) Astrology Alive – Barbara Schermer
(60) The New Astrology For Women- Jessica Adams
(61) Astrology and Spiritual Awakening- Gregory Bogart
(62) Astrology and Meditation- Gregory
(63) Jupiter- Stephen Arroyo
(64) Jupiter- Eve Jackson
(65) Astrology and Spiritual Development- Donna Cunningham
(66) Astrology For The Light Side of The Brain- Kim Rogers-Gallagher
(67) Astrology For Yourself- Bloch & George
(68) Astrology In Action- John St. Clair
(69) The Astrology of Fate – Liz Greene

(70) The Astrology of Transformation- Dane Rudhyar

(71) Woman To Woman- Gloria Star

(72) Compendium of Astrology- Lineman & Popelka

(73) Esoteric Astrology- Alice Bailey
(74) Essays on Astrology – Robert Hand
(75) Evolutionary Astrology – Ray Merriman
(76) The Moment of Astrology- Geoffrey Cornelius
(77) Expanding Astrology’s Universe – Zip Dobyns
(78) Alive & Well Series: Neptune, Pluto, Uranus – Bil Tierney
(79) Foundations of Personality – Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(80) Journey Through The Birthchart- Joanne Wickenburg
(81) The Astrology of Human Relationships- Sakoian & Acker
(82) Synastry- Ronald Davison
(83) The Night Speaks- Steven Forrest
(84) The Practical Astrologer- Nick Campion
(85) How To Read Your Astrological Chart- Donna Cunningham
(86) An Astrological Guide To Self- Awareness- Donna Cunningham
(87) Astrology: A Language of Life – Robert Blaschke
(88) The Lunation Cycle – Dane Rudhyar
(89) Planets in Solar Return – Mary Shea
(90) Planets in Synastry – E.W. Neville

(91) How To Handle Your Human Relations – Lois Sargeant

(92) Therapeutic Astrology – Greg Bogart
(93) The Consulting Astrologer’s Guidebook- Donna Cunningham
(94) Astrological Counseling – Christina Rose
(95) The Astrologer’s Guide To Counseling – B. Rosenblum
(96) The Astrologer, The Counselor & The Priest: Two Seminars on Astrological Counseling – Liz Greene & J. Sharman Burke
(97) A Handbook For The Self-Employed Astrologer – Robert Blaschke
(98) The Node Book- Kevin Burk
(99)Yesterday’s Sky – Steven Forrest
(100) North Node Astrology- Elizabeth Spring
(101) Cosmos & Psyche- Richard Tarnas
(102) Prometheus The Awakener – Richard Tarnas
(103) Apollo’s Chariot: The Meaning of The Astrological Sun- Liz Greene
(104) Uranus: The Constant of Change – Eric Meyers
(105) Between Past & Presence- Eric Meyers
(106) Mapping The Psyche: Vols I & II – Clare Martin
(107) Elements & Evolution – Eric Meyers
(108) Dynamics of Aspect Analysis – Bil Tierney
(109) Moon Phases – Martin Goldsmith
(110) The Book of The Moon – Steven Forrest
(111) The House Connection – Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(112) Spiritual Astrology – Jan Spiller
(113) Understanding The Birth Chart – Kevin Burk
(114) Houses of The Horoscope – Alan Oken
(115) Rulers of The Horoscope – Alan Oken
(116) The Rulership Book – Rex Bills
(117) Astrological Thesaurus – Michael Munkasey
(118) How To Be A Great Astrologer – James Braha
(119) Astrology: A Divine Science – Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
(120)  Aspects and Personality- Karen Hamaker- Zondag
(121) The Mars Quartet – Bell, Costello, Reinhardt & Greene
(122) Love Planets – M.J. Abadie & Claudia Bader
(123) Book of Jupiter – Marilyn Waram
(124) Book of Neptune – Marilyn Waram
(125) Book of Uranus – Joan Negus
(126) Your Greatest Strength – Grant Lewi


(127) Book of Saturn – Zip Dobyns
(128) Astrology For Everyone – Evangeline Adams
(129) The Weiser Concise Guide To Practical Astrology – Priscilla Costello
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“Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.”
-Augustine Birrell                                                             

Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon

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“Intuition….. appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.” – Dr. Alexis Carrel

The natal combination of a Cancer Sun and a Pisces Moon, suggests potential for empathetic and intuitive connection of the highest order.

Close your eyes and picture how your dryer’s lint tray looks after a large load of clothes has run its cycle. This is how this Sun-Moon combination absorbs feelings and vibrations from environments and other people.

There’s an unfiltered quality that surrounds this phenomenon which can lead to the deepest level of emotional intelligence or a soliloquy of chaos rooted in confusion due to the inability to distinguish your feelings from another individuals.

A Cancer sun’s stimulus is comprised of emotional security, nurturing instinct and heartfelt connections which contain a profound depth of intimacy.

The ease in which the skill of their lunar (moon) ruled reflection is displayed, is something which truly has to be felt. There’s probably not the quantity, nor the quality of words to do this gift justice. Cancer also symbolizes one’s memory. However, this is far from the plastic, cognitive one which has been drilled into our consciousness for the better part of our lives.

The crab represents the remembrance of one’s emotions, roots, ancestral and spiritual heritage. The memory of one’s foundation. All of these things bring Cancer comfort because they’ve found a place or “family” that they can belong to whether it’s blood or just purely ideological.

The Pisces Moon uses this  solar Cancerian fuel to create a personality where the reigning emotional need is an all inclusive love which transcends this earthly plane. There’s a craving for the dissolving of emotional boundaries and  total merging with individuals, or an entity larger than themselves.

This can result in the highest form of spiritual communion, but also manifest as addictive habits which are formed because of the need for that “high” state of being. The Victim-Savior game can emerge as a hazy, tangled and nebulous dynamic if the rescuing tendencies of this lunar placement are not guided in a constructive manner.