Libra Sun, Virgo Moon


A refined gentility is presented in this solar/lunar combination. You agree with the Old Spice adds that say “anything less would be uncivilized.” Social savagery takes you aback and you’re a technician when it comes to your interactions with others.

The potential is ripe for you to possess both a discriminating intellect and a popularity which stems from people feeling like you’re genuinely interested in their lives and welfare.

You wish to serve humanity in a practical manner. In a concrete form which makes a difference in the minds and hearts of society. With the ability to present information diplomatically, yet with a discerning eye, you can accomplish a great deal without people feeling like they’ve been had.

Learning and artistic expression are as essential to you as the air you breathe, and whomever happens to be fortunate enough to be intimate with you needs to know this from jump street. Within you, there’s an emotional need to know you’re making a contribution toward the improvement of both these fields.

Realize that to be truly effective, you must at some point, stop and assess what you have and work with that while putting the “things could be so much better” speech on hold. Getting life “right” and doing it gracefully is important to you, but failure to understand the farce that is “perfection” can certainly delay or limit your progress.

It’s advisable to resist dulling your faculties of intuition because of excessive concern with what’s “appropriate” rather than paying close attention with what rings true in the realm of the heart.

Photo by nappy from Pexels



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